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Pet Blog & Tips

  • Dalmatian dog lying on a dog bed

    Does Your Dog Really Need a Bed?

    Many new owners love having their puppy sleep in the same bed with them, but this is not always a good idea for either the dog or their human. Having their own bed not only provides dogs is a safe space where they can relax away from everyday stress, but it is also necessary as the dogs get older and start experiencing joint pain. Starting early is the key.
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  • Saint Bernard large dog

    Discover These Top 10 Large Dog Breeds

    Many large dog breeds are misjudged as being dangerous due to their exceptionally brawny appearance, but most of these are beautiful and gentle dogs. Find out more about these top ten large dog breeds and see if one of them is right for you.
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  • dog and cat dressed up for Halloween with pet safety sign

    7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

    Halloween can be a fun but also very scary time for pets. With all the kids ringing the doorbell and the scary costumes, pets can feel very unsafe even in their own home; but with a few safety precautions you can keep your dogs and cats feeling safe and come through Halloween unscathed.
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  • sad orange dog lying down

    Hip Dysplasia in Dogs - What You Need to Know

    Dog Hip Dysplasia is a chronic condition that occurs when the ball and socket of the hip joint are misaligned which causes a strain on the joints and pain for your dog. The fist step in helping a dog with hip dysplasia is knowing the signs and symptoms such as limping and leg stiffness.
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  • cat lying on it's side in shadow and sun

    Cat Arthritis: Know the Signs, Symptoms & Causes

    Arthritis is one of the most common diseases seen in middle-aged cats and can seriously affect a cat's quality of life. Not to be mistaken for cat hip dysplasia which is another problem affecting cats, but this one is typically inherited from birth.
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  • grey cat with squinting watery eyes

    Cat Watery and Red Eye Treatments

    Cat eye infections, which are usually the culprits behind weepy eyes, are likely to happen to most cats at least once in their lifetime so it's important for any cat owner to spot the signs of eye infection early.
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  • cat sleeping on couch

    7 Tips for Preventing Kidney Disease in Cats

    Chronic kidney disease is a common ailment that affects many older domestic cats. As a leading cause of feline death, it is important to understand the different types of kidney disease and watch out for early warning signs in your cat. Read on to learn 7 ways you can help prevent kidney disease in your feline friends.
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