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Traveling with your Dog in Colorado

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If you’ve recently moved to Colorado and you’re a dog parent, the first thing on your mind would be, 'is Colorado dog-friendly?’ Only a dog parent would know the pain of leaving their furry baby behind when heading out for a fun day. Well, it might make you feel better to know that Colorado is quite dog-friendly, and there are plenty of fun things to do and places to go with your dog. 

Leaving a dog behind while you’re out having fun not only takes you on a guilt trip but also increases the risk of your dog creating a mess behind you -they’ll explore ways to entertain themselves while you’re away. Your best bet at ensuring your dog’s well-being and good mood and protecting your house from any sort of damage is to travel with your dog. So whether you are visiting Colorado or you live there, there are lots of places that are dog friendly so you don’t have to worry about running out of options!

This blog post lists some of the best things to do with your dog in Colorado, so that you and your furball can have a ball together!

Ready to Travel with your dog through Colorado?

Colorado is a beautiful state with majestic mountains, forests, canyons, and rivers. Whether it's summer or winter, there is lots to do and explore. Colorado has some of the world's best places for skiing and snowboarding as well being a world-class trout fishing destination. And the best part is that you can explore many of these places with your loving dog pal along for the ride.

So if you are looking for ideas of where to travel with your dog in Colorado, read on for some of the best and most fun places to visit. 

Lets Go To The Park!

One thing that Colorado is known for is nature.  With so many parks, nature reserves and sanctuaries so you'll never run out of off-leash and on-leash dog parks to travel to with your dog. Below are some of our favorites.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve

two dogs running on sand

If you love adventures, you should definitely visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve in Mosca, Colorado, with your pet dog. The National Park features open, pet-friendly areas where your dog can have a great time! 

Leashed dogs are allowed in the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve, where dog parents can enjoy a hike in the morning or evening with their furry companions. The best time to visit is early morning or evening because the sand can get really hot and make your dog feel uncomfortable. 

Garden of the Gods

The next pet-friendly place on our list that is a top travel location for dogs is the Garden of the Gods, located in Colorado Springs. It’s a Registered National Natural Landmark that’s pet-friendly and, therefore, a popular place among pet parents. 

When in Garden of the Gods, you can enjoy a hike along the scenic trails through the beautiful red rock formations, surrounded by stunning landscapes and views. The fun is doubled when your pet dog accompanies you on the hike. 

The best thing about going to the Garden of Gods with your pet dog is that dogs are also allowed in the Visitor and Nature Center, which some other places don't allow. This makes traveling with your dog even more fun.

Fox Run Dog Park

If you’re looking to travel with your dog to Colorado and are looking for places to let your fur baby run wild where you don’t have to keep your pet leashed, Fox Run Dog Park is where you should go. 

Your furry baby can enjoy off-leash time in the grassy space and socialize with other pooches. 

Fox Run Dog Park is spread across 5 acres of fenced land with separate areas for small and large dogs. There’s a proper arrangement for bag dispensers and trash cans and benches and shaded areas for dog parents to chill while their dogs have fun. 

Fox Run Dog Park is a part of the Fox Run Regional Park, designed with dog and dog parents’ interests in consideration.   

off leash dog park in Colorado

Chatfield Dog Park

Chatfield Dog Park, located in Littleton, Colorado, is another great place to travel to with your dog. 

Spread over 70 acres of land, Chatfield Dog Park offers various terrains that your pet can explore. You can hike multiple trails with your beloved dog accompanying you. While you may think this is it, it’s not! There are also ponds in the park where your dog can enjoy a refreshing swim, making Chatfield Dog Park a great place to go in the summer!

Durango Off-Leash Dog Park

People often ask if it is expensive to travel with your dog, but if you like nature, there are lots of beautiful parks and nature trails that both you and your dog will love to explore; and you won't break the bank to visit them.

If you want to give your dog a special treat? Take them to the Durango Off-Leash Dog Park. This is one place you would want to bring your pet again and again.

two dogs by the river

 The Durango Off-Leash Dog Park is spread across 6 square miles of open space where your dog can run around and play without a leash. 

Yes, that’s right. 

It’s an off-leash dog park where you don’t have to keep your dog leashed and limit their fun. The park also has dog-friendly hotels where you can enjoy great meals with your dog around. 

Another great feature of the Durango Off-Leash Dog Park is the Animas River, in which the dogs can play and swim. There are trails where you can hike with your furry companion. In short, this dog park has a lot to offer, not just for dogs but for dog parents as well!

Bear Creek Dog Park

Another fun thing to do when traveling with your dog in Colorado is to spend the day at Bear Creek Dog Park. This fenced dog park in Colorado Springs is a great place to go with your beloved dog. There are numerous secure gates around the park to ensure your pet doesn’t leave the park at any time. 

Spread over 25 acres; the Bear Creek Dog Park allows the dogs to roam around without a leash. You can hike through the winding trails, explore the creek, or practice at the park’s agility space. There are separate areas for small and senior dogs that are starting to slow down where they wouldn't be so overwhelmed left out in the open in the huge dog park. 

The best thing is that there’s a dog wash area that allows you to clean up your dog before you head home! 

Pub Dog

If you are traveling with a puppy Pub Dog in Colorado Springs is the place to go. This dog park is a puppy paradise! 

It’s a huge dog park, spread across 3,000 square feet, that features a restaurant and bar with a fenced, off-leash area for your pet. You can enjoy your meal while your furry baby enjoys the leash-free time. There’s also a dog-friendly indoor dining area where you don’t have to feel awkward having Fido along. 

What’s more, you won't be tempted by those puppy eyes to feed your pup any human food that isn't good for your dog because there is a special dog menu!  Yes, you can order a separate meal for your fluffster and call it a truly fulfilling day!

dog howling on grass in front of restaurant

Kennedy Dog Park

By now you are probably thinking that Colorado has a lot of dog lovers - the list of dog parks doesn’t seem to end! 😊

The next fun place to travel with your dog in Colorado is Kennedy Dog Park. It’s an off-leash park in Denver where your dog can enjoy a great, fun day. The Kennedy Dog Park covers 3 acres. The area is fully fenced to ensure unleashed dogs don’t leave the premises without their parents. There are 2 separate fenced areas for high and low-energy pups. 

Whether your pup likes to engage in extensive play time or simply likes to mingle with fellow pups casually, you can let them into high-energy or low-energy pet zones. Since the ground becomes icy in winter, summer months are the best time to visit Kennedy Dog Park; just make sure to have dog friendly sun protection.

Seven Bridges Trail Head

If you and your dog are adventurers, the Seven Bridges Trail Head is the place to go. 

The 5.78-mile trail is where you should go for a fun day hiking with your pup. It’s a heavily trafficked trail moderate to highly experienced hikers visit. The elevation is quite high, which makes the trail challenging and suitable only for dogs and dog parents who often hike and know how to go about challenging trails! 

If your adventurous soul is craving an adventurous day out with your furry friend, head to the Seven Bridges Trail Head. However, if your dog has mobility or joint issues and is not quite up to the challenge, try one of the other less strenuous dog parks instead - there are certainly plenty of them.

Colorado River Runs

If you are traveling with a dog that loves the water consider taking a guided trip on the Colorado and Eagle Rivers.

dog on the river

There are lots of opportunities to take your dog out on the water in Colorado. One of them is the Colorado River Runs company in Bond, Colorado. The company offers both family and dog friendly guided trips down the rivers and through some light rapids. The company even provides life jackets for both people and dogs. 

It is important to note that no matter how much your dog loves to swim, never take a dog out on a boat if they don't have 

really good impulse control. A good river dog is one that enjoys being around water but also has enough control that they won't jump off the boat or raft if they see a goose a hundred yards away.

Cherry Creek State Park Dog Off-Leash Area

The Cherry Creek State Park Dog Off-Leash Area (DOLA) is one of the best places to go with your pet dog. The dog park covers a massive area of 107 acres where your furry friend can roam and play around without a leash. 

Your dog can explore the area, make new furry friends, or simply play in the creek all day! All you’ve got to do is pay a nominal fee for entry into the dog off-leash area and let them have all the fun they’ve been longing to have!  

John Denver Sanctuary

Built in honor of late singer John Denver, the John Denver Sanctuary is a dog-friendly destination in Aspen, Colorado next to the Rio Grande Park. It is a very tranquil place where you can walk around and even have a picnic. Explore the Song Garden which features many of the iconic singer's lyrics etched into native river boulders placed in a perfect circle to represent the circle of life. 

The sanctuary is a great place to travel with your dog as there is lots to smell and sniff and they can play around, provided that they’re leashed and at their best behavior at all times. 

Your dog can enjoy the fresh air and open grounds while you enjoy the beautiful flowers of the largest perennial flower garden.

Check out some Dog Friendly Restaurants!

If you get a bit hungry or thirsty while exploring all those parks be sure to check out a few of these dog friendly restaurants along the way.

Storm Peak Brewing Company

If you happen to be near Steamboat Springs, Colorado make sure to stop in for a refreshing craft beer at the Storm Peak Brewing Company.  This pet friendly brewery welcomes dogs with a treat and a water bowl.  The cool thing is that they even let you order in food from nearby restaurants.  

The folks at Storm Peak are very friendly but if you are going to spend some time at the brewery make sure not to spoil your dog too many treats

Ted's Montana Grill

Looking to try out some unique dishes then head on over to Ted's Montana Grill. 

The restaurant features bison in a number of it's dishes from patties to sandwiches to classic dinners. They even have bison meatloaf, pot roast and even ribs.

If you are vegetarian, you can still enjoy Ted's house made Veggie Burger. 

The restaurant has several dog-friendly seating areas so you don't have to leave your pup at home when you are traveling with your dog.

dog at a restaurant

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

Another great food spot you might want to check out is Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar. The restaurant is a casual pet-friendly bar with great food and friendly staff. You can eat in or even do takeout of their famous TV Dinner plates - made in house and ready to take home and pop in the oven.

And best of all, they even have a doggie menu for your pup with items like hamburger, grilled chicken and their own special PB & J Burger - just ask. 

Looking for Fun and Excitement?

If you are looking for an extra-ordinary adventure when traveling with your pet, you may want to check out the GoPro Mountain Games.

GoPro Mountain Games

We saved the best for the last. If you’re a dog parent and are looking for fun places to travel with your dog in Colorado, GoPro Mountain Games is a not-to-miss for sure!  

Give your four-legged athlete a chance to let the athlete in them come to the surface and have a blast! GoPro Mountain Games are held in Vail every summer. Dogs can participate in a massive variety of games, including swimming, trail runs, and big air jumping. 

Even if your dog isn’t athletic, you can still bring them along as spectators.

dog in the pool for GoPro Mountain Games

Be prepared when Traveling with your Dog

Travelling with your pet dog can be super fun if you’re prepared well so before you go, check out our top travel tips when traveling with your dog.

Colorado is literally a heaven for dog parents as it offers a huge variety of pet-friendly activities and places. However, to make sure a day out with your furry baby in Colorado doesn’t end badly for either of you, carry Dogs Constipation Relief and Natural Laxative with you - a change of routine and diet can make your dog constipated and make your trip unpleasant! As long as you’re equipped with everything that you may need during the trip, you’re in for lots of fun and enjoyment with your pet!

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