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FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders - 60 Day No Hassle Returns
Homeopathic Broad Spectrum Dewormer for Cats & Kittens



Homeopathic Broad Spectrum Dewormer for Cats & Kittens

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The natural dewormer from BestLife4Pets helps treat all worms - tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms and other parasites. Our dewormer treatment is sold over-the-counter and does not require any prescriptions. It can be used to expel worms in cats or for an ongoing prevention..... Read More

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Why do you need a dewormer for cats?

Your cat may look happy and healthy, while worms may be causing harm on the inside.

In fact, worm infestations can affect up to 75% of cats. These tiny parasites are no friend to felines and will persist in sticking around and multiplying if left untreated. If you’ve noticed concerning cat behavior or a change in their stool, a worm invasion might be to blame.

That's where cat dewomers come in. The BestLife4Pets natural dewormer helps fight worms that are known to cause a number of problems, including:

  • Nutritional deficiencies - worms can absorb nutrients from the cat's food, leading to nutritional deficiencies and weight loss.
  • Digestive problems - worms can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and other digestive problems.
  • Anemia - some worms, such as hookworms, feed on the cat's blood, which can lead to anemia.
  • Poor coat condition - worms can affect the cat's coat condition, making it dull and lifeless.
  • Transmission to humans - some types of worms can be transmitted from cats to humans.

A quality broad spectrum dewormer for cats can help prevent these and other potential problems in cats and kittens. You can read more about tips for Deworming for Cats in our blog.

BestLife4Pets' easy to use dewormer tablets are specially formulated to help remove and prevent the infestation of these common types of worms by helping your cat's system to extract or remove the parasites from the body.

Instead of resorting to harsh, chemical-based worm treatments, try our natural plant- and mineral-based remedy to help remove and prevent roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm, stomach worm, and other worm infestations gently and safely.

If you are looking for a quality, natural dewormer for your cat, don’t wait get one today!

Natural Cat Dewormer Directions & Benefits


To remove worms:

  • Give 3 pills 3 times a day every day for 5 days (Mon - Fri), then stop for 2 days;
  • repeat 5-on 2-off cycle for 1 month.

For ongoing prevention of infestation:
  • Give 3 times a day for 7 days.
  • Can be repeated every 2 months as needed to prevent worms.


Give pills directly into mouth, or mix pills in with cat food or put inside a pill pocket or treat. If the cat won’t eat the whole pill, then crush them first and mix with food.
Pills can also be dissolved in a bit of water.

Consult with a Homeopathic veterinarian if your pet has specific health issues or medical concerns.

Helps reduce symptoms such as weight loss, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, skin lesions, dull or patchy coat, lethargy, fever, wheezing, coughing or other breathing difficulties.

Key Benefits

Our Cat and Kitty Dewormer is gentle on your cat’s digestive system, since it doesn’t kill the worms inside the intestines but rather helps your cat’s body to expel or remove them itself.

As a result, worm infestations are reduced while supporting your cat's natural healing process.

  • Expel the Worms - No more parasites wreaking havoc on your cat's life - this remedy has broad-spectrum efficiency for all types of worm infestations.
  • Prevention & Treatment - our dewormer can be used to both treat and prevent various worms in cats
  • Helps Cat’s Own System - these deworming pills for cats help animal’s own system to extract or remove parasites from the body, as opposed to killing them inside
  • Aids Healing - our natural solution may aid body’s natural healing and recovery process
  • Reduces Symptoms - our cat & kitten dewormer may also reduce symptoms that are often associated with worms
  • Fill Out Your Feline - Deworming helps your kitty regain and keep lost weight.
  • Diminish Digestive Issues - Vomiting and diarrhea will be a thing of the past.
  • Healthy Skin, Happy Cat - Make their coat shine and reduce skin lesions that may occur due to parasites.
  • Increase Energy Levels - Transform your cats from sluggish to spirited - get that playful kitty back!

How Dewormer For Cats & Kittens Works

Prevent different worms with a natural broad spectrum dewormer

A vet may prescribe a dewormer to deal with a specific type of parasite, but how do you know which one your cat has? Or worse, what if they are affected by multiple worms? Take the guesswork out by using a broad spectrum dewormer that works against different types of worms.

As a caring cat lover you've probably heard about some of the chemicals found in dewormers. We have you covered there too.
Don't use harsh and expensive medications that only make your cat worse.

We are pet parents ourselves, so we made our cat and kitty dewormer using only natural plants and minerals that are perfectly safe for home and long-term use and will not cause side effects. Our remedy also has no contra-indications meaning that our dewormer for cats won’t interfere with other medications.

Composed of the following select homeopathic remedies: Ambrosia D6+60C, Chamomilla D12, Chelone G. D4, Cina D3+D6+60C, Cinnabaris D4, Cuccurbita Cit D3+30C, Cuccurbita Pepo D3+30C, Cuprum Oxidatum Nigrum D2, Indigo D6+60C, Santoninum D6+60C, Silicea D6+60C, Teucrium Marum V. D3, Nat Phos 6X
Non medicinal: lactose based pills

Additional features:

Cat owners know how hard it is to give medicine to a cat. Finicky felines can smell flavored medicine, stinky liquids and fish oils a mile away, so give your kitty a supplement that your pet will actually take without a struggle or fight. BestLife4Pets Dewormer for Cats & Kittens all-natural remedy is no-fuss and has the following additional benefits:

  • No Additives - There are no artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives, or alcohol. The remedy is is Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, and absolutely safe for your cat.
  • Tasteless & Odorless - These tiny pellets dissolve quickly, have no odor, and leave no bad taste so it is easy to hide them in cat food or favorite treats.
  • Easy to Give - The pills can be given whole, mixed with food, crushed, or dissolved in water. They're great for indoor, outdoor, or even feral cats.
  • Safe for All Breeds - The pills are easy to swallow and can be given to all cats; safe to use with other medicines.
  • For all Ages - From kittens to senior cats, and even pregnant cats, this Dewormer is safe and effective for all ages.

See the FAQs at the bottom for more answers to questions about deworming cats and kittens


Frequently asked Questions

Most cats should be regularly dewormed as they may be exposed to various kinds of worms while grooming themselves, through the contact with fleas, parasite eggs etc.
That’s why our dewormer for cats is designed to work for all cats:

  • Cats That Live at Home - cats need deworming even if they live at home
  • Kittens - deworming for kittens has to start at a specific age and needs to be repeated on a specific schedule
  • Pregnant Cats - deworming for pregnant cat will help to protect her and her kittens

Our solution is called a Broad Spectrum Dewormer for a reason. It can be used to help remove and prevent the infestation of  roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, stomach worms and other worms.

The frequency of deworming a cat depends on various factors such as the cat's age, lifestyle, health status, and how common are the parasites in the cat's environment.

See our blog here for more information on how often should you deworm a cat.

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