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  • cat walking on a leash

    Why it's Not Bizarre to Walk a Cat on a Leash

    Taking your cat for a walk on a leash may sound strange at first, but it is actually very beneficial to your kitty, as well as being a fun activity for both you and your cat. Benefits of walking a cat include mental stimulation, boost in health and energy, reduced risk of arthritis and more.
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  • Dalmatian dog lying on a dog bed

    Does Your Dog Really Need a Bed?

    Many new owners love having their puppy sleep in the same bed with them, but this is not always a good idea for either the dog or their human. Having their own bed not only provides dogs is a safe space where they can relax away from everyday stress, but it is also necessary as the dogs get older and start experiencing joint pain. Starting early is the key.
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  • sad orange dog lying down

    Hip Dysplasia in Dogs - What You Need to Know

    Dog Hip Dysplasia is a chronic condition that occurs when the ball and socket of the hip joint are misaligned which causes a strain on the joints and pain for your dog. The fist step in helping a dog with hip dysplasia is knowing the signs and symptoms such as limping and leg stiffness.
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  • cat lying on it's side in shadow and sun

    Cat Arthritis: Know the Signs, Symptoms & Causes

    Arthritis is one of the most common diseases seen in middle-aged cats and can seriously affect a cat's quality of life. Not to be mistaken for cat hip dysplasia which is another problem affecting cats, but this one is typically inherited from birth.
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  • cat lying down on mat looking at camera

    Top Cat Health Issues of Aging Cats

    As cats move from adult to senior cat there are a growing number of health issues that owners need to prepare for. From cat arthritis to kidney problems, eye issues and tooth decay, knowing what to look for before it happens is the first step to preventing illness and disease.
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