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8 Pet-Friendly Places to Visit with Your Dog in Arizona

dog on a hike

Whether you're a local or visiting from out of town, you'll agree that Arizona is truly for outdoorsy people. On most days, the weather is perfect for hiking, peaceful walks in the park, and some beach fun. 

And thanks to the many pet-friendly places in Arizona, people with nature-loving dogs don't have to think twice about including their canine best friend in outdoor adventures. 

With so many options, you can plan trips that best suit your dog's personality and allow you and your four-legged family member to explore Arizona's stunning landscape and learn about the fascinating history of this pet-friendly state.

Dog-Friendly Travel in Arizona

Say goodbye to the same 'ol same 'ol, and plan fun-filled adventures with your furry baby at the following pet-friendly places in Arizona. Whether you have a young pup, an adult dog there are lots of fun things your can do when traveling with your pet. Even senior dogs can have fun sniffing new smells and exploring new terrain.

1. The Barking Bodega

Nestled in the oasis of Singh Meadows in Tempe, Arizona's only dog park bar and restaurant is a dog's paradise. It features over 55,000 square feet of green grass for roaming. 

Running, jumping, and rolling in the grass will make your furry baby's heart feel full –that's a guarantee!

dog standing on logs

The Barking Bodega welcomes both small and large dogs to play and spend time in nature in their respective parks. The third park is available for private bookings, breed meet-ups, and other events. 

The monthly parties invite pet parents with dogs of different breeds to get together and let their four-legged companions socialize. Meanwhile, they can devour farm-to-table food at the café or sip on locally soured beer, wine, coffee, or fresh juices.

2. 1880 Historic Tombstone

If you're looking for a pet-friendly destination full of character and history, a trip to Tombstone, Arizona, is a must. 

It's the perfect place for your four-legged friend to explore the town's 1880s authenticity with you. You and your dog (leashed at all times) will have a blast doing so! 

This famous mining town is located at an elevation of 4,540 feet on top of a mesa in San Pedro Valley. There is a wide array of museums where you can go back in time and admire art, statues, and ancient objects. 

3. Thunderbird Conservation Park

Located in Glendale, Arizona, this sprawling 1,185-acre conservation park is perfect for exploring nature with your furry friend.

It is home to various animal species, including rock squirrel, kangaroo rat, and Mountain Lion, making it a great spot to observe wildlife while spending quality time with your pup.

The park also features over 15 miles of dog-friendly hiking trails, so you can explore the park's diverse terrain and take in stunning views of the nearby hills. 

In addition to hiking, you can indulge in a few other park activities like horseback riding, jogging, and picnicking.

a dog in a park

If you'd rather stay on the beaten path, Thunderbird Conservation Park also offers plenty of open space for you and your dog to take a stroll or play a game of fetch. 

The best thing about the park is that it's open year-round, so you can plan a visit any time. Dogs must be kept on a leash, but the friendly environment and the abundance of pet-related amenities make it the perfect spot to spend the day with your furry baby.

4. Petrified Forest National Park 

The Petrified Forest National Park is one of the best dog-friendly places to visit with your dog in Arizona. 

Tucked away in the northeast corner of Arizona, just off Interstate 40, this prehistoric park is a short drive from Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Albuquerque, making it easily accessible for those wanting to explore with their dogs.

Dog at the Petrified Forest National Park

The park is filled with breathtaking views and unique landscapes. From petrified wood to the Painted Desert, there is something for everyone, including your pup.

The trails in the park are pet-friendly and easy to navigate, so you can adventure with your dog (or cat) in tow. Whether you're looking for a stroll through a scenic landscape or want to go backpacking in the wilderness area, this national park won't disappoint. Your dog will love the sights and smells, and you'll enjoy the peacefulness of nature.

The park also features a variety of pet-friendly vistas overlooking breathtaking landscapes, where you and your pet can rest and re-energize after strenuous activity. If you are visiting with an older dog, just make sure to take lots of breaks and go at their pace as senior dogs with joint problems will have a harder time walking, especially in the heat.

5. Buckskin Mountain State Park 

This park is located in the heart of the Colorado River, providing the ideal spot for swimming, fishing, and picnicking with your dog. 

Moreover, it offers picturesque views of the mountains located in Arizona and California. You'll also find plenty of wildlife there. Dogs are welcome on the campgrounds at no additional cost as long as they are on a leash. 

Buckskin mountain state park

Buckskin Mountain State Park offers plenty of places to explore with your furry friend. You'll find several hiking trails of varying lengths, ranging from short half-mile walks to a more strenuous eight-mile loop. The easy trails allow you to get some exercise with your dog, while the longer trails are perfect for admiring the breathtaking views and terrain of the park.

For those looking for a more relaxed adventure, there is a basic dog park and a narrow rocky beach to swim. The calm waters provide plenty of opportunities for your dog to take a dip, and you can look for wildlife along the shore. This park is perfect for dogs of all ages, especially senior dogs.

The park also has several boat ramps and a marina, allowing visitors to take their boats out and explore the river. And when you need to take a break, Buckskin Mountain also has plenty of tent spaces. 

Best of all, you and your dog can enjoy your time at the park without worrying about safety and other animals. The park requires that all dogs be leashed and under the control of their parents at all times.

6. West Fork Oak Creek Trailhead 

Located in the Coconino National Forest, this three-mile nature trail offers a peaceful, scenic environment for you and your furry friend for a fun day out. It's one of those pet-friendly places in Arizona that you must visit with your dog at least once. 

Upon arrival, you and your furry companion will be greeted by a beautiful array of colorful foliage, rolling hills, and majestic red-rock cliffs. The West Fork Oak Creek Trailhead is an excellent spot for your pup to get in some exercise without having to worry about crowding or traffic. Make sure you bring along a few toys and treats to keep them entertained.

The trailhead is suitable for a stroll as well as extended hikes. No matter which you choose, you and your dog will appreciate the stunning landscape and the opportunity to explore the great outdoors together.

The well-maintained trail takes you through the Oak Creek canyon. Your dog will find a wide range of plants to see and sniff along the way. At some points, you'll see the trail crossing stunning creeks.

7. Good Enough Mine Tour 

Why not plan a fun day out where you can explore, learn, and take in some amazing views—all while bonding with your beloved companion?

mine in Arizona

The Good Enough Mine Tour offers a unique adventure that will be a hit with you and your dog. Plus, it's a great way to support a historic site and help keep it open for future generations.

The 45-minute dog-friendly walking tour is an educational tour of the historic Good Enough Mine, restored in 1878, and the surrounding area, led by a knowledgeable guide. As you and your furry baby explore the mine and travel underground, you'll learn about the mine's history, the different types of silver ore and how they were made in the late 1800s, and the life of a miner. 

Rest assured that your dog will love the outdoor adventure as much as you, exploring the ruins of the old mine, sniffing out interesting critters, and wandering around the desert landscape. 

Make sure they are on a leash and cleaned up during the tour. All pet-related rules and regulations must be followed in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

8. The Scott Resort & Spa 

Need some pampering for you and your pooch after all that hiking? 

Inviting one dog up to 50 lbs. or two with a combined weight of 75 lbs. for an additional $100 per stay, the Scott Resort & Spa is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway with your dog. The staff loves four-legged guests and strives to make them feel as welcome as the two-legged ones. Dogs of all breeds and sizes are welcome.

Pet-friendly amenities start the moment you step foot into the resort. You'll find dedicated pet-friendly areas and designated guest rooms equipped with all the amenities your dog would need during the stay. This includes doggy beds, bowls, and treats. 

The Scott Resort & Spa is conveniently located just minutes away from some of the best pet-friendly places in Arizona. You can even leave your furry friend in the room unattended. Also, there are plenty of grassy areas around the property where your dog can play and socialize with other pets.

Plan a Day Out with Your Dog at Your Favorite Pet-Friendly Places in Arizona

Arizona is the ideal destination for dog parents with its stunning desert landscapes and warm temperatures. Just remember to pack lots of water and some sun protection for your dog if your pup has a fine coat or is not used to the sun.

Whether you and your furry baby are suckers for heart-pumping adventures or want to spend quality time together, you've got plenty of pet-friendly places in Arizona to choose from.

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