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  • tired dog lying down on carpet

    5 Tips for Calming Down a Stressed Dog (even when you're at home)

    Dogs can get stressed and anxious over anything from a visit to the vet, to traveling, going to the groomer or the kennel, or even simply when their routine is interrupted and they just don't know what to expect. This stress can be really harmful for a dog's health; therefore it is important for the owner to identify the cause and use these techniques to calm them down.
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  • 5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for the Tech-Savvy Pet Owner

    5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for the Tech-Savvy Pet Owner

    Looking for an easy way to store your pets medical records, want to find a pet hotel or a local pet friendly restaurant, try out the local dog park or meet up with another pet lover - look no further then your mobile phone for these easy to use apps for all things pets.
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  • dog leaking pee accident incontinence

    Kidney, Urinary and Bladder Problems in Dogs

    Dog kidney failure symptoms can be difficult to recognize as they can mimic those of other urinary tract problems. Recognizing that the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract are so closely linked make it extremely important to recognize and diagnose any problems as one system can affect the other.
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  • cat walking on a leash

    Why it's Not Bizarre to Walk a Cat on a Leash

    Taking your cat for a walk on a leash may sound strange at first, but it is actually very beneficial to your kitty, as well as being a fun activity for both you and your cat. Benefits of walking a cat include mental stimulation, boost in health and energy, reduced risk of arthritis and more.
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  • Are Dogs More Than Just Pets?

    Are Dogs More Than Just Pets?

    Over the years, the love and interaction between humans and dogs has become so accepted that they are termed "Man’s best friend". The level of relationship and care given by one to the other is virtually unrivalled. Like humans, dogs love...

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  • cat teeth

    Why Cleaning Your Cat's Teeth is Totally Worth the Effort

    Fighting with your cat to clean their teeth may be a pain, but the benefits of good oral health as well as reduced risk of other major health issues is worth a few scratches. In addition to having sweet smelling breath, learn how having good oral hygiene helps cats avoid periodontal disease, infection and tooth loss.
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  • How to Rid a Dog of Worms

    How to Rid a Dog of Worms

    Identifying the Type of Parasite Infecting Your Dog is the First Step in Ridding A Dog of Worms. Given all the things a dog sniffs and eats during the course of a regular day, it is not surprising that some...

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