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FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders over $49 - 60 Day No Hassle Returns

Pet Blog & Tips

  • White and brown husky squinting in the sun

    Should You Put Sunscreen On Your Dog?

    Summer is finally here, the time to enjoy the fresh air & sunshine along with our pups! Although we all need sunshine, too much of a good thing could burn our skin. Plan to enjoy the sun safely with your furry friend at your side!
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  • Man cuddling and petting a cat with a white chest

    Are Men With Cats More Attractive?

    While a dog is known to be a man's best friend, men who are cat dads have a more unique personality. Men with pets are typically more compassionate, kind, and committed. There are many famous cat dads who are smart and funny. Find out what is special about these men.
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  • cat lying down on mat looking at camera

    Top Cat Health Issues of Aging Cats

    As cats move from adult to senior cat there are a growing number of health issues that owners need to prepare for. From cat arthritis to kidney problems, eye issues and tooth decay, knowing what to look for before it happens is the first step to preventing illness and disease.
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  • Brown Dog with Pointed ears and tongue out covering an eye in embarrassment

    Preventing and Treating UTI in Dogs

    We love our dogs and gladly spend time, money, and energy to keep our pups well, but did you realize that 14% of dogs will have a Urinary Tract Infection in their lifetime? Learn more about the signs and symptoms, and how to support and treat UTI in dogs and related issues.
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  • Close up of the yellow green eyes of a black cat lying down

    Eye Infections in Cats

    When those normally beautiful and captivating cat eyes are a bit weepy and swollen, your kitty may be suffering from one of the common eye infections in cats. There are ways to help your cat to be comfortable while they heal and recover quickly, right from the comfort of your own home.
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  • Dark haired woman cuddling dog

    From Chaos to Calm: Anxiety in Dogs

    Have you noticed your furry friend acting a little off? Perhaps they get super worried when you leave, or they freak out during thunderstorms. Different things are known to cause anxiety in dogs, even though we work hard to earn...

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  • Is it Shedding Season for Dogs?

    Is it Shedding Season for Dogs?

    Spring is in the air! We love seeing the flowers blooming, trees growing back their leaves, and of course we enjoy the warmer weather! With all this though, it also means for some dogs, they will begin to lose large...

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  • Common signs of liver problems in dogs

    What are the Signs of Liver Problems in Dogs?

    As a dog parent, you may have been warned against typical canine health problems such as dental disease, skin infections, and canine ear infections. However, many other ‘less visible’ conditions such as liver disease can be challenging to recognize. ​...

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