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Pet Blog & Tips

  • Cat next to red stocking underneath a Christmas tree

    Are Christmas Trees Dangerous for Cats?

    Christmas is often referred to as the most wonderful time of the year. And why not? The reason to cheer is aplenty. From the Christmas music, Christmas trees, the Christmas parties, the Christmas cookies; it's colorful and joyful everywhere. Like...

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  • Dog with candy cane wrapped gifts behind him sitting in a Santa hat


    What Is a Good Christmas Gift for a Dog or Cat? Holidays are meant for appreciating and celebrating your loved ones, especially those who are closest to you. Well, who can be dearer to you than your furry companion? The...

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  • brown dog looking out through a fence rescue dog

    What to Expect With an Adult Rescue Dog

    So, you’ve decided to rescue an adult dog: good for you! Adult dogs may come with their own unique challenges, but they'll love you just the same as any puppy. And in return, you'll be providing them with a loving...

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  • Dog posing with pumpkins and leaves

    How To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Pet

    Thanksgiving is the time of year that we count our blessings and spend time with family and friends. Pets are also an important part of that family so be sure to include your pets in your Thanksgiving celebrations with these fun and easy to do activities.
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  • Emergency workers evacuating dog in flood

    Emergency Planning For Your Pet

    Making an evacuation strategy for earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, snowstorms or wildfires is already difficult, but emergency planning with pets is an added challenge. Prepping in advance can relieve some of the stress in an emergency situation. Here's how to include your furry family members in your emergency plan.
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  • Fluffy striped cat with green eyes licking chops

    What human foods can cats eat?

    Many cats are mischievous scavengers at heart and will even steal your food if you aren’t looking. However, not all human foods are good or safe for cats to consume. Eating the wrong food can lead to a stomach ache or worse so get to know which human foods are good - and bad - for your fur baby to eat.
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  • lethargic dog lying on floor

    Is Your Dog Sick, or Do They Have a Thyroid Problem?

    If your dog is sleeping a lot, gaining weight with no change in diet, and shedding their fur, it might just be a dog flu or cold - or they may have a thyroid issue. Learn more about symptoms of hyper- and hypothyroidism in dogs and how to identify and manage a thyroid imbalance.
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  • Dogs with 4th of July hat

    How to keep Your Pets Safe for 4th of July

      How do Americans celebrate 4th of July? Barbequed hot dogs and hamburgers, watermelon and ice cream, family and friends, and sun and swimming all go hand in hand during our 4th of July celebrations. Unfortunately, fireworks and frightened pets...

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  • puppy with mange

    How Do I Get Rid Of My Dog's Mange?

    On top of a dog looking mangy, scabies or mange in dogs is a very uncomfortable condition. So how do you get rid of your dog's mange? First, identify the symptoms, then if spotted early, there are medical and home treatments for getting rid of mange in dogs. Learn more here.
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