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Large Dog Breed Health

Natural Supplements for Large & Giant Dog Breeds and Puppies

Large dogs make great companions but because of their size they are more prone to certain health issues than their smaller breed counterparts. 
Some of the top health concerns for large breed dogs include hip dysplasia, arthritis, entropion (an eye condition), bloat, spondylolitheses (wobbly and unsteady gait), heart issues, cruciate ligament tears, and eye irritation.

The good news is that we have natural remedies to help with many of these health issues faced by large dog breeds.  Read More...


Natural supplements to help large dog breeds stay healthy

Large breed dogs, like Saint Bernards, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Irish Wolfhounds, Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Newfoundlands, are known for their big hearts but because of their size these breeds also come with certain large dog breed health conditions that pet owners need to be aware of.

That's why starting from puppy and all the way to senior dogs, BestLife4Pets has all the best over-the-counter homeopathic supplements to support these dog breeds by addressing the most common health issues of large dog breeds.

  • JOINT PAIN & ARTHRITIS - Large dogs tend to have more joint issues than smaller dog breeds including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and various forms of arthritis. Issues such as panosteitis (a type of bone inflammation often found in growing dogs in large breeds) can even affects puppies under the age of one. Since there is a greater risk of joint issues with large breed dogs, you should start preventative measures when they are young. Our all natural joint and arthritis pain relief remedies help reduce stiffness, pain and inflammation associated with joint issues thereby helping to keep your pup mobile and active well into their senior years.

  • CHERRY EYE & OTHER EYE PROBLEMS - Issues such as cherry eye (where the third eyelid protrudes from the eye), conjunctivitis or pink eye, dry eye, or epiphora are all problems common to larger dog breeds. If not treated, these conditions can be extremely irritating to dogs causing symptoms like swelling, watery eyes, redness, discharge. Help keep your dog's eyes healthy and clear with our Eye Care and Vision Support for dogs.

  • DOG EAR INFECTIONS - Whether their ears are long and droopy or perky, many dogs are susceptible to getting ear infections.  The good news is that there are home remedies you can try to help restore your pet's ear health.  Check out our Bestlife4Pets Ear Infection and Ear Itch Relief Remedy made from select plants specially formulated to ease the symptoms listed above and conquer the root causes behind ear infections in dogs. And if you find your dog constantly scratching their ears due to ear mites, try the Mange Relief for Dogs to not only get rid of these pesky mites but also to restore your dog's fur back to health.

  • HYPOTHYROIDISM & WEIGHT GAIN - The thyroid hormone can play havoc with your pet's system if it is out of balance. Most dogs with thyroid issues have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) which causes them to be lethargic, gain weight, lose hair and impairs their vision and skin. Our thyroid support remedies help to re-balance your dog's thyroid hormone naturally which helps reduce symptoms and get your pet feeling their best again.  


Yes. The BestLife4Pets remedies can be used for senior dogs and older cats, adult pets of any breed. They are also safe enough to be used on puppies and kittens.