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  • dog hiking in the woods

    Pet-Friendly Travel with a Dog in Arkansas

    Planning a trip to Arkansas - don't leave your pet behind. There are also plenty of dog-friendly places where you can travel with your dog. This blog post lists some of the best places to visit with your dog in Arkansas. Check them out!
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  • dog arthritis

    Is Your Dog At Risk for Arthritis?

    Many senior dogs develop arthritis, but some are more genetically pre-disposed to developing arthritis and other hip and joint issues than others. Find out which breeds are more susceptible to this disease and what you can do to help them if you have one of these dogs.
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  • Senior Dogs with owner

    11 Fun Things to Do with a Senior Dog

    Senior pooches require a lot of love, attention, and care. Our list of fun activities you can do with an elderly canine can help add some zest and movement to their lives. All of the suggested activities for senior dogs are designed to keep them moving while providing you with quality time with your pet.
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  • A cute black cat

    Can a Cat Walk with a Broken Hip or Leg?

    If your feline has suffered a broken bone due to trauma or other health conditions, identifying and treating the break and then providing proper after care is crucial to ensure the cat is able to recover quickly. Here are some tips to watch for...
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  • Dog sitting in the grass

    10 Tips To Keep Your Senior Dog Happy and Healthy

    Ensuring your elderly pooch's well-being and long term health is achievable if you just follow some straightforward steps. Elderly dogs can still bring lots of joy to your family if you take the right steps to look after them. Read on for our list of 10 ways to make sure your aging canine companion lives a long and happy life well into their senior years.
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  • a family with a cat

    Which Cat Breed Should You Choose for Your Family?

    Are you considering getting a cat or kitten? When selecting the best breed of cat for your family consider your lifestyle, age and temperament preferences, the number of people in the household, and any allergies. It also helps to understand any health issues your cat breed may be prone to prior to making your decision.
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  • Common signs of liver problems in dogs

    What Are the Signs of Liver Problems in Dogs?

    As a dog parent, it is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of liver disease so that you can take your pup to the vet as soon as possible if needed. Taking action as soon as possible and choosing the right treatments can help your dog remain healthy and enjoy playing with you for many years.
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  • McCall Idaho with dogs

    Pet-Friendly Places to Visit with Your Dog in Idaho

    Looking for some pet-friendly destinations in the USA for this summer? If you are considering Idaho, we have some great recommendations for you. Idaho is a popular vacation destination with over 2,000 lakes, recreation spots, outdoor activities, and stunning scenery. Best of all, you can enjoy it together with your dog!
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