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Dog with candy cane wrapped gifts behind him sitting in a Santa hat

What Is a Good Christmas Gift for a Dog or Cat?

Holidays are meant for appreciating and celebrating your loved ones, especially those who are closest to you. Well, who can be dearer to you than your furry companion? The holiday season can be a stressful time for many people, but your dog or cat is always there to cuddle with you and make you feel better, happier, and less stressed. Their unconditional love and presence are a gifts that can’t be repaid, but we can still treat our four-legged best friends with some special Christmas gifts during the holiday season that will make them jump for joy and show them just how much you love them back. Unlike your picky aunt, you won’t have to think too hard when it comes to getting the perfect gift for your fur baby. Whether you’re on a budget or want to splurge, we have compiled a list of some fun dog gifts, cute cat gifts, and even some holiday gift ideas for dog and cat lovers on your list. These gifts will not just make your pets wag their tail and wiggle their whiskers but will also make you laugh out loud as they try to get them out of the box!

Dog and cat cuddled in flannel blanket with Christmas lights

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Kitty cats may be fussy but they are also the most fabulous of pets and definitely deserve something extra special for the holidays. Here are some ideas for making even the most finicky feline purr with happiness...


A cat can never have enough catnip. If you want to treat your cute feline friend but can’t think of any cat gifts that would meet their high standards, we recommend getting them some catnip. It is a non-perishable gift for your kitty, which they will appreciate greatly! Even if you already give some catnip to your kitty, it is always good to try different types of catnip since it is available in so many forms. You can buy catnip in dry, spray, and oil form and fill your cat’s Christmas stocking with the one they appreciate most. Always be sure to purchase organic catnip free from chemicals and pesticides, so there’s nothing that might irritate or harm your cat’s system.


There are a variety of interactive cat toys you can get to keep your feline friends entertained for hours.

Siamese cat playing with a feather

Nevertheless, a handheld or a robotic feather chaser is one of the most popular cat gifts you can get for your feline friend. It is the joy of many cat owners’ holidays to see how fascinated their cats can get by a tiny feather. No matter which size or breed of cat you have, they will surely fall in love with you (or at least let you pet them for a little bit) when you unpack this toy. A robotic feather chaser is designed to trigger your cat’s predator and prey instincts and give them a workout. These robotic feather chasers are portable and small, which means you can take them anywhere you like with your kitty. It won’t cause clutter in the home and can entertain your cat when you’re busy—it might even stop them from waking you up at 6 am for breakfast! It can also make for an excellent gift for a friend or family member’s pet.


Cats love to look over their kingdom from a high area, so if you want to make your kitty truly happy this Christmas, consider getting them a high perch or cat window seat as a holiday gift. You could even make a DIY cat window perch. With a window perch, your cats can bask in the sun's rays and lounge next next to their favorite place in the house, the window. Most cat window perches can be attached to any window in your house. Your cats will be able to stay warm on their perch while watching the falling snow or keeping an eye on the neighbors.


From young puppies to senior dogs, our canine companions are always looking for ways to make us happy, so this holiday season give them a special gift that will keep their tail wagging!


If you have a young puppy, their energy usually runs higher than yours does. Therefore, if you want to exhaust your pup while giving them a super fun dog gift for the holidays, look into some squeaky interactive dog toys. These dog toys usually take the form of plushies that your dog can chew on safely. We recommend choosing plush toys that are brightly colored and make different unique sounds. Since dogs can only see limited colors, choose toys that are blue or yellow. This will help your dog become more interested while playing with them. Spunky Pup is a company that makes recycled squeaky interactive toys for dogs from recycled plastic bottles. Therefore, if you want to become your dog’s hero while also saving the planet, be sure to pick some up for stuffing into their Christmas stocking.


If you have a senior dog, a special orthopedic dog bed or a comfy shag fur bed can be the perfect Christmas gift for your best pal. Your fuzzy companion can sink into a soft donut-shaped bed and snooze for hours in the winter. The shag keeps your pup warm and cozy and allows them plenty of room to curl up comfortably. Some dogs sleep on the floor or on a rug and so you may be wondering if your dog even needs their own bed. To answer this question we have a blog that explores the issue of dog beds. One thing you should consider is that if you have a senior dog or if your dog has joint pain, the cushioning of a proper dog bed can provide ample support and allow them to rest easily. You can choose from various colors, designs, and sizes of dog beds to find the one that best fits your fur baby’s needs.


If you are looking for an interactive Christmas gift for your active pup, you should consider an automatic ball launcher for them.  Dog chasing after a ball in the snowIt is great for all breeds and personalities of dogs and can make for the perfect gift for a pup with boundless energy. Playing ball is a wonderful was to bond with your pup, but some of them can never have enough time playing fetch!  If your dog wants to play fetch all day, you can give yourself a break by setting it up in the yard and watching them chase excitedly every time the ball launches far away. Some of them have timers to time the ball launch, and they even are available at affordable price points for those pet parents on a budget!  It is also a great dog toy for pups who can’t sleep properly due to having way too much energy. It will allow your dog to tire themselves out and get a good night’s rest.


We believe it is almost near impossible to find a dog who doesn’t love a brand-new rubber ball, especially if it squeaks, lights up and has some texture. Some dogs love playing fetch with them, while others find relief in chewing on them. Nevertheless, a collection of balls is never a bad Christmas gift idea in a household with dogs. It is important that you choose the right size ball for your canine so it isn’t a choking hazard or too big to play with. For more ideas on specific dog toys for different dog's needs check out our other blog on the best toys for dogs.


Just in case you thought we forgot about pet parents or other dog lovers and crazy cat ladies (and men) in our lives, we have some ideas for gifts for them too! So whether you love to travel with your pet, dress them up in cute outfits or just spend some quality time together, we have the perfect Christmas or Holiday gift ideas for both men and women right here...


If your pup sheds a lot, a car seat cover may be a fantastic purchase for you or someone special in your life. To ensure your fur baby remains safe on all your adventures, choose a padded car seat cover that keeps your vehicle safe from airborne dog hair and dirty paws. A padded car seat cover not only keeps your seats clean and tidy but also gives your dog a comfortable place to rest in a moving car. If you take your companion with you on long journeys, this may be the perfect Christmas gift for both them and you. Be sure to choose a color for your seat cover that complements your car interior and a design that makes your dog happy.


If you are getting some dog or cat gifts for a friend’s or your family’s pet, you could look into buying cute pet accessories like collars, clothes or bandanas. Pet-sized clothing and accessories are items that a pet parent often doesn’t splurge on, so it makes a perfect gift. If you think something would look great on your friend’s pup or kitty or come across a super-cute accessory, be sure to put it on your list. If you’re not a pet parent yourself, it is important to be careful and learn what kind of costumes and accessories are safe. Although there are plenty of amazing and high-quality cat or dog accessories that would make great gifts, some are low-quality items that you should stay away from. To start, take a look at pet sweaters, a cute collar, or a silly Christmas reindeer costume as gifts for your favorite fur babies.


Whether you are a dog or cat parent, the right pet grooming gloves can be a lifesaver for anyone awash in a cloud of their pet’s hair. These gloves can make grooming so much easier as they have relaxing bumps on their insides, allowing you to release hair while massaging your pet. These bumps can collect loose hair from your pet’s body easily as you stroke them and reduce shedding in the future. The best part about these fun gloves is that they’re super easy to clean, and you can disentangle your pet’s hair after grooming within seconds. There are many great brands on the market for both dogs and cats. You can even purchase grooming gloves in different sizes and colors as a gift for your pet (and your family members) this Christmas.


Whatever holiday you celebrate, we believe that our kitties and pups are family, so it is only fitting that we celebrate this festive and joyful holiday season by making them happy too. If you are concerned about your pet’s health and want to ensure they’re ready to celebrate the festivities with you, check out our wide range of healthy pet supplements by BestLife4Pets. For more tips on keeping your pets safe and healthy this winter, see the how to keep your pets healthy throughout the winter blog. If you are traveling for the holidays, make sure you are 100% ready and prepared to travel with your pet by going through our travel checklist in how to travel with pets during the holiday season. From the BestLife4Pets team, we wish you and your fur baby a very healthy and happy Holiday!


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