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  • woman giving a dog treats

    How Many Dog & Cat Treats are Too Many?

    Obesity is an all-too-common problem with pets who go overboard on treats, but how do you stop yourself and well-meaning friends from giving your pet too many treats? From healthy treats to limited treats - it's not easy, but it is possible to control your pet's weight. After all, your pet's health is not worth the extra treats.
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  • dog playing and rolling in the grass

    Types of Dog Personalities (Which One Is Yours?)

    Just like people, dogs have their own unique personalities. Some dogs are cute, cuddly and funny, some are cautious and nervous, some are working dogs that are very serious and focused. If you have a dog, you probably already have an idea of what their personality is like.
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  • halloween pet costumes

    Fun Halloween Pet Costume Ideas

    Halloween is a great time to dress up your pet and show them off to the world; and while there are many pet costumes available online or in the pet store if you want to DIY we have some suggestions for making great Halloween costumes right at home.
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  • cat looking forward with yellow eyes

    How to Help Ease a Cat's Constipation

    Cat constipation can uncomfortable and painful. Sometimes the signs that your kitty is struggling are obvious but there could also be early signs of constipation that are important to watch for so that you'll be equipped with the best way to ease your cat's constipation.
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  • smiling happy border collie dog

    Do Dogs Smile When They Are Happy?

    How can you tell if your dog is truly happy? Is a smiling dog a sign of a happy dog or do dogs smile for other reasons? What does it really mean when a dog smiles? If we pay attention, dogs do give us clues that they are happy so it's important to know when a dog smile is a sign of happiness or something else.
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  • Dog lying down beside a broken heart

    How To Deal With the Loss of a Pet

    As much as we’d like to be able to live with our furry friends forever, it is inevitable that we will one day have to say goodbye. Coping with the loss of your pet in a healthy way is necessary for us to be able to keep going.
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  • orange cat sneezing and coughing

    Can Cats Get a Cold or Other Respiratory Infections

    While there are many conditions that can cause colds, or cold type symptoms, in cats, such as seasonal allergies, asthma, environmental irritants, foreign matter in the nasal passages, chronic infections and cancerous or benign tumors, the most common causes of cold-like symptoms in cats are Feline Herpesvirus and Feline Calicivirus.
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  • Should You Put Sunscreen On Your Dog?

    Should You Put Sunscreen On Your Dog?

    Summer is here, and you’ll be busy having a great time at pool parties, hiking adventures, and other fun activities under the sun. If you're a dog owner, your adorable pup probably accompanies you on these adventures as you explore...

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