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  • man holding up a big dog

    Simple Steps to a Happier and Healthier Dog in One Month

    We all want our dogs to live a long and healthy life like Bobi, the oldest living dog at 30. It is possible to give your dog a chance at a healthier, longer life by improving nutrition, giving your dog enough exercise, lots of love, and this other key ingredient! Read more here.
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  • woman with orange cat

    Are You Making these Common Mistakes with your Cat?

    Cats are very self sufficient leading cat owners to mistakenly believe that taking care of a cat or kitten does not require much effort. This, and other misconceptions, cat myths and beliefs can actually harm your cat. Read on to discover some of the most common mistakes even seasoned cat owners make and how to avoid them.
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  • Mistakes dog owners make

    Biggest Mistakes Dog Owners Make

    Dogs require love, care, and attention. Before adding a furry companion to your family, ensure you know enough to take care of them responsibly. Learn about their behavior and how you can provide them with a safe, loving home and avoid making common mistakes even some long time dog parents make.
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  • dog licking person's face

    Why Do Dogs Have Bad Breath and How to Get Rid of It?

    If your dog's breath smells like stinky socks or yesterday's rotten food, it may be a sign that something more serious is going on. While bad dog breath isn't necessarily a sign of a dangerous health condition, it could indicate or lead to a more serious problem if not identified and taken care of. Read on to discover why your dog's breath smells particularly bad and how to get rid of it.
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  • Symptoms of cat pneumonia

    Do You Know The Signs of Cat Pneumonia?

    It's essential to be aware of the indications of cat pneumonia, so you can take the necessary steps to help your cat before the condition worsens. We have a selection of supplements and over-the-counter medications available to support your pet's wellbeing and provide natural relief from associated symptoms such as nasal and oral discharge, fever, cough and sore throat. Visit our website to see which products are best suited to your pet.
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  • Dog back pain

    Back Pain in Dogs: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

    If your dog is yelping or avoiding your touch it is a clear sign that they are in pain. You've checked their legs and knees and other parts which seem to be okay but how do you know if your pup has back pain? While it is true that dogs cannot speak the way humans do, they do show signs of discomfort. If you pay attention, you can spot the early signs of your dog having possible back pain and then address the pain with a variety of treatments outlined here.
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  • woman on bed with cat and kitten

    7 Tips for Keeping Your Cat Healthy No Matter Their Age

    Whether you have a cuddly kitten, an adult cat or a fussy senior kitty, there are some key things every cat owner should do to keep their cat healthy. While not all feline health issues can be avoided, by taking the proactive steps outlined here cat owners can help ensure their cat's well being.
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  • cat peeking out of a cardboard box

    Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

    If there is a box, there is a cat. Why do cats love boxes so much? Let’s look at some of the reasons cats are so drawn to boxes and how you can make their fascination with boxes both safe and fun.
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  • woman giving a dog treats

    How Many Dog & Cat Treats are Too Many?

    Obesity is an all-too-common problem with pets who go overboard on treats, but how do you stop yourself and well-meaning friends from giving your pet too many treats? From healthy treats to limited treats - it's not easy, but it is possible to control your pet's weight. After all, your pet's health is not worth the extra treats.
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  • dog playing and rolling in the grass

    Types of Dog Personalities (Which One Is Yours?)

    Just like people, dogs have their own unique personalities. Some dogs are cute, cuddly and funny, some are cautious and nervous, some are working dogs that are very serious and focused. If you have a dog, you probably already have an idea of what their personality is like.
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  • halloween pet costumes

    Fun Halloween Pet Costume Ideas

    Halloween is a great time to dress up your pet and show them off to the world; and while there are many pet costumes available online or in the pet store if you want to DIY we have some suggestions for making great Halloween costumes right at home.
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  • cat looking forward with yellow eyes

    How to Help Ease a Cat's Constipation

    Cat constipation can uncomfortable and painful. Sometimes the signs that your kitty is struggling are obvious but there could also be early signs of constipation that are important to watch for so that you'll be equipped with the best way to ease your cat's constipation.
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