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FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders - 60 Day No Hassle Returns
WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength Natural Pain Relief for Dogs - Helps Dog Joint Pain, Arthritis, ACL, Limping and More



WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength Natural Pain Relief for Dogs - Helps Dog Joint Pain, Arthritis, ACL, Limping and More

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WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength provides a natural anti-inflammatory and pain management solution for dogs with arthritis and joint pain. This joint and hip supplement increases overall mobility, playfulness and agility while helping with post-surgery recovery, arthritis, ACL tears, and more.... Read More

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Even when you take the best care of them, joint pain and arthritis often affects dogs as they age; younger pets can also sustain injuries like a leg sprain or a torn ACL. The hardest thing for a pet parent is seeing your beloved pet not being able to get up the stairs, having their legs give out from under them during a stroll, or get injured running in the park. You don't have to watch them suffer - you can put a stop to your pet's pain fast.

Our WALK-EASY™  Extra Strength pain relief remedy for dogs goes to work by providing swift acting anti-inflammatory joint and hip pain relief. Utilizing a powerful and well established blend of homeopathic remedies, the WALK-EASY™  Extra Strength dog joint supplement provides a safe and all-natural pain management solution for tender and inflamed joints, aching knees and back pain, and stiff muscles.

This holistic joint supplement for dogs works wonders on both senior pets as well as normally active dogs suffering from an underlying condition or injury. Plus, our natural solution is chemical and side-effect free, for a smoother and healthier recovery.

Get WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength today and help them run and play with youthful energy again!

supplement Directions & benefits


  • Small dogs (less than 25 lbs): 1 pill, 2 times a day
  • Medium dogs (25-60 lbs): 2 pills, 2 times a day
  • Large dogs (over 60 lbs): 2 pills, 3 times a day
No more fuss or fights with your pets - these pills are so tiny they won't even notice them. Give directly in mouth or mix pills in with dog food. If your pet won’t eat the pills whole, then crush them and mix with food. Pills can also be placed inside a treat or pill pocket. For continuous relief throughout the day, pills can also be dissolved in a bit of water in your pup's water bowl.

key benefits

This joint medicine is ideal for pet owners looking to help their dog by:

  • Improving overall mobility and comfort level
  • Providing pain management for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Muscular Rheumatism
  • Managing High Uric Acid levels
  • Aiding dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, sprains, a luxating patella or a torn ACL/CCL
  • Shortening post-surgery recovery time
WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength can provide a new lease on life for pets of all breeds, ages, and sizes with all-natural pain relief.

how Walk-Easy™ extra strength works

Treating your dog's arthritis or joint pain with WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength is the perfect natural alternative to harsh medication that may only mask the symptoms instead of addressing the root issue. Our homeopathic formula contains only plants and minerals, so there are no side effects or adverse reactions like those seen in mainstream veterinary practice - just relief from pain so your fur baby can stay active and energetic!

Ammonium Phos D3, Bryonia D4, Caulophyllum D3, Colchicum D2, Ledum Pal D3, Rhus Tox d2, Urtica Uren d2

Additional features:

Dog owners know how hard it can be to get your pet to do something they don't want to. Clever canines can smell flavored medicine, stinky liquids and fish oils a mile away, so give your dog a supplement that they will actually take without a struggle or fight.BestLife4Pets WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength all-natural remedy is no-fuss and has the following additional benefits:

  • For All Ages and Breeds - From pups to senior dogs, Chihuahuas to Great Danes, it's safe and effective for all dogs.
  • Plant and Mineral Based - There are no artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives, or alcohol; gluten and GMO free.
  • No Side Effects - Safe for use after surgery or alongside any other medicines or diets.
  • Tasteless & Odorless - These tiny pellets dissolve quickly, have no odor, and leave no bad taste so it is easy to hide them in dog food or favorite treats.
  • Easy to Give - The pills can be given whole, mixed with food, crushed, or dissolved in water. They're great for fussy canines and even rescue dogs.
See the FAQs at the bottom for more answers to questions about joint pain and WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength.


Frequently ASKED Questions

Active and somewhat accident-prone pets are the most likely candidates for strains and sprains. The WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength Joint and Hip pain relief can be used as part of your pet first aid kit for all kinds of minor injuries. For the hyperactive puppies and cute but klutzy adult and senior pets, keep WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength ready to relieve their strains and pains.

There are many medications available for hip dysplasia and hip pain, but they may cause unwanted side effects. WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength is a natural and highly effective solution that provides fast acting and long lasting joint pain relief and improved mobility.

Pets of all ages, sizes, and breeds can sustain injuries, sprains and CCL tears that leave them limping and sore. WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength provides relief and healing for young and adult dogs, as well as senior dogs who may be experiencing stiff joints or even injury due to thinning cartilage. This remedy is suitable and safe for small, medium, and large dog breeds. Refer to the dosage above for instructions based on your dog's weight.

Yes. Unlike harsh drugs that are expensive and need a special prescription, WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength is available OTC and can be safely administered at home, with no side effects. This all-natural treatment provides pain relief post surgery, or after injury such as ACL or ligament tears. A great remedy to have at home in case of injury.

You can help relieve your dog's pain at home by using heat or cold packs, massages, and weight management techniques. To give your pet long lasting relief from discomfort, you can also give them WALK-EASY™ or WALK-EASY™ Extra Strength.

The Extra Strength formula contains not only a homeopathic remedy, but also a herbal component that gives it a stronger effect. A smaller dose will give the same effect as a larger dose of WALK-EASY™.  Dogs or even cats who experience severe pain will find much needed relief. Furthermore, Extra Strength is easier to use long term on larger dogs since there is no need to give a large dose.

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