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Are Dogs More Than Just Pets?

Are Dogs More Than Just Pets?

Over the years, the love and interaction between humans and dogs has become so accepted that they are termed "Man’s best friend". The level of relationship and care given by one to the other is virtually unrivalled. Like humans, dogs love to be social, so you might wonder how important is the interaction between humans and our best friends?

Research has shown that in many cases, playing with your dog and even talking to them can improve both their health and recovery process. Strange, right? Bristol University released a study that showed that dogs who do not engage in play can suffer from anxiety, a huge mental illness which increases the body’s susceptibility to attacks. Although some people (usually those poor people without pets to love) may find it odd to hear you talking to your dog, the truth is that talking and playing with your dog is very important in helping your pets stay healthy.

Seniors and single people often find that they are less lonely, more healthy and live longer if they have a pet.

Play is Fun For Dogs

Be it humans or animals, fun activities are a quick way for the body to get back to shape, eases anxiety, and give the body good room to work effectively. Stress can worsen the case of ill health as observed in both humans and animals. It is why rest from strenuous activities is advised during period of ill health. Play and fun is an excellent way of relieving the dog and putting it in good mood. Playing with your dog is also one of the best ways for both of you to get some exercise.

Experts have advised that exercise not only helps pets stay healthy and active so they are less likely to have joint or leg injuries, but also reduces the risk of obesity, which is a health problem of its own. In the US, a shocking 55.8% of dogs were classified as overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) 2018 study. Fit dogs are healthier and live for 15% more than their unfit counterparts.

It's All About Attention and Affection!

When looking for a pet, most people seek the one that gives them the most attention and affection. In humans, when we get attention and affection it helps to quicken recovery levels for even the toughest of ailments. It is observed that when there is a willingness to fight for recovery from within, the treatment regimens on the outside are more likely to work. This is because affection increases the circulation of the “happy” hormone which relaxes the body and allows the treatment to work stress free. 

Good health is as much a state of mental as physical wellbeing. Talking, giving regular attention, and providing mental challenges helps improve both yours and your dog's thinking and mental capacity. This kind of stimulation makes it easier to prevent against future health issues. Mental Grit helps in combating Illness as it tends to improve physical grit.

Include Pets In All Your Special Days

Dogs love being around people so much that when left alone they often experience separation anxiety and stress. which is why it is important that dogs are reassured and trained to know that you will always come back to them.  When possible, try to include your pets in your holiday and special celebrations. After all, they are family.

Just as you celebrate their birthday or "gotcha day", pets want to be a part of your celebration too.

In fact, many people like to include their pets in their most special day - their wedding.  Starting from the proposal, to walking the bride down the aisle, to taking on that very special role of 'best man' delivering the ring, your dog can be a fun and loving addition to a wedding. For some tips on involving your pet in your wedding day, check out these planning tips from

Dogs Just Love Us

Dogs just like to be around humans. Talking and playing with them takes away the idleness and boredom that goes against their natural way of life. When you talk to your dog, it stimulates their brain, and provides mental stimulation which not only helps keep them healthy, but also aids in recovery of sick animals. It is important to note that just like babies who are not conversant with the English language, untrained dogs would prefer humans to speak in “Doggy” tones to them.

For dogs that like body contact, play and immediate contact keep them warm and calm. Scientist have even observed that the fluffy hair of dogs calms the nerves of humans and vice versa.

And don't forget your pets when you travel. 

Traveling with your best friend can be a wonderful and rewarding experience that helps you bond and also opens up the world in new and exciting ways as you get to see it from your dog's point of view. Lastly, did we mentioned that fresh air is also very important in keeping healthy?

So get up, take a walk with your dog in the park, explore new places, have a chat, and enjoy the power of bonding with your best friend.

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