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FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders - 60 Day No Hassle Returns
Ear Infection & Itch Relief Treatment for Dogs and Cats - Helps Ear Problems such as Otitis, Lesions and Papules



Ear Infection & Itch Relief Treatment for Dogs and Cats - Helps Ear Problems such as Otitis, Lesions and Papules

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BestLife4Pets Ear Infection and Itch Relief remedy features a blend of all-powerful natural ingredients that will help free your dog or cat from ear aches, irritation, and those bothersome signs of infection such as swelling, itching, redness, burning, lack of balance, smelly ear discharge and fluid in the ear.... Read More

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Natural Over the Counter Ear Infection Remedy for Cats & Dogs - Effective Treatment & Prevention for Otitis Externa, Yeast & Chronic Ear Infections, Cauliflower Ear Infections in Cats and more

From droopy to perky; from muffled to sharp! Watch your pet's ears regain perfect health when you treat them with BestLife4Pets Ear Infection and Itch Relief

This powerful, yet gentle on the system, ear care formula uses all natural ingredients that work from inside the body to target the cause of pet  ear problems such as otitis, dry scaly skin, inflammation and other skin-related issues like, lesions and papules.

Your dog or cat can finally say good-bye to itchy, smelly and swollen ears!

Quick and Effective Ear Itch and Infection Relief

Ear ITCH & Infection Remedy Directions & Benefits


  • For cats or small dogs under 25lbs take 2-3 pills twice a day.
  • For medium dogs 25-60lbs take 5-7 pills twice a day.
  • For large dogs over 60lbs take 5-10 pills 3 times a day.

For animals with acute pain, give 3 pills 3-5 times a day, as needed, for the first 3 days. Then, continue with regular dosage as per above chart.

For mild pain or swelling, stop when the pain and inflammation is gone.

For animals with chronic issues and repeated ear infections - once the pet starts feeling better or itching less reduce the dosage amount in half but keep them on a long term maintenance schedule.


Give directly in mouth or mix pills with dog food.
If your pet won’t eat the pills whole, then crush them and mix with food. Pills can also be placed inside a treat or pill pocket.

Consult with a Homeopathic veterinarian if your pet has specific health issues or medical concerns.

Store in a dry place and away from essential oils and strong scents


Ear infections can be super annoying for your pet! Our remedy is specially-formulated to soothe and relieve symptoms like:

  • Swelling of the outer ear
  • Redness, brown, yellow, or bloody discharge
  • Itching and head shaking
  • Unpleasant cat or dog ear smells
  • Flaky or crusty skin
  • Scabs and ulcers.

This total inner and outer ear support remedy is not only designed to get to the root cause of recurring ear infections it is also a total ear care solution that eases day to day discomfort by addressing and relieving common canine and feline ear infections.

By tapping into the proven power of our holistic remedy, you’ll release your pet from the discomfort and pain and restore their ear health.  


Natural, Oral Treatment for Ear Infections in Cats & Dogs is Effective and Easy to Give

Trying to get ear drops or topical treatments for ear infections can be a real struggle.

Most dogs and cats are quick to run and hide just at the sight of most prescribed ear meds which is why treating your pet's ear infection with BestLife4Pets tiny, oral pills is the perfect natural alternative to hard to administer ear drops.

Not only are the pills tasteless, odorless and easy to hide in pet food or a treat, but our homeopathic formula contains only plants and minerals, so there are no side effects or adverse reactions like those seen in mainstream veterinary practice - just relief from itching, red and inflammed ears!

Apis Mell D3, Arnica Mont D7+70C, Arsenicum Album D4, Baptisia D4+40C, Belladonna C30, Calc Carb D10, Dulcamara D5, Echinacea D4+40C, Euginia Jambosa D4+40C, Hepar Sulph D10+100C, Ledum Pal D10, Rhus Tox D4, Silicea 30C, Urtica Uren D3, Cell Salt (Calc Fluor, Calc Phos, Calc Sulph, Ferr Phos, Kali Mur, Kali Phos, Kali Mur, Kali Sulph, Mag Phos, Nat Mur, Nat Phos, Nat Sulph, Silicea)6x

Additional features:

  • All-Natural. No Nasty Side-Effects Included
  • BestLife4Pets Ear Infection and Itch Relief uses a plant and mineral-based formula that’s not polluted by preservatives, chemicals or, artificial ingredients. This means your pet can recover smoothly without nasty side effects.
  • Unlike traditional medicine, this careful blend will tackle the root cause behind your pet’s inflammation and not just suppress the symptoms.
  • No Fight, Fuss, or Flight
  • Our Ear Infection and Itch Relief pills are so tiny and tasteless that your pet won’t even notice them. Give it to your feline or Fido directly through the mouth, dissolved in water, in a pill pocket, or mixed in food. It’s easy to administer as an effective dog or cat ear infection treatment at home.
  • Safe For All Dogs and Cats
  • Use our tested and tried holistic blend for any pet of any size, breed, and age. It’s also safe to use with other medication.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
You and your pet’s happiness matters greatly to us. This is why our BestLife4Pets Ear Infection and Itch Relief is backed by a 60-day risk-free return policy to ensure you’re total satisfaction from the moment you purchase!


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