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Eye Care & Vision Support Feline Eye-Infection Relief Remedy

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Eye Care & Vision Support Feline Eye-Infection Relief Remedy

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Restore your feline’s eyes to perfect health and see them pounce and play again. Our Eye Care & Vision Support uses a team of gentle yet powerful natural ingredients that will effectively soothe, cleanse and relieve your cat’s eye-infection and associated symptoms.

Restore your feline’s eyes to perfect health and see them pounce and play again. Our Eye Care & Vision Support uses a team of gentle yet powerful natural ingredients that will effectively soothe, cleanse and relieve your cat’s eye-infection and associated symptoms.

Trust our special homeopathic blend to treat conjunctivitis, epiphora, nerve damage, inflammation of the cornea and chronic eye infection caused by feline calicivirus, respiratory issues or bacterial Infection.

Help improve your kitty's sight and eye health with an effective all-natural remedy proven to heal and support their vision for the long term

Cat-eye infections can happen to any happy feline. In fact, it is likely to occur at least once in every cat's lifetime; while for others, it is a recurring problem.

While many eye drops and eye care solutions provide temporary systematic relief, our remedy doesn’t just suppress the associated symptoms of the infection; it goes a step further and fortifies your pet’s immune system to fight the causes behind any cat-eye infection including, conjunctivitis, upper respiratory issues, corneal ulcers, etc.

cat kitten eyes clear vision

This natural eye care remedy is not only designed to get to the root cause of recurring eye infections, it is also a total eye care solution that eases day to day discomfort by addressing and relieving common cat-eye infection symptoms including:

  • Red eyes,
  • Weepy/watery eyes,
  • Discharge at the corner of eyes and under eyelids,
  • Excessive rubbing, blinking, or constant squinting,
  • Avoidance of light,
  • An inflamed third eyelid, and
  • Crusty eyes

By tapping into the proven power of homeopathy, you’ll release your pet from the discomfort and pain and restore their eye health so that they can break the cycle and become happy and healthy again.  

Persistent eye infections, conjunctivitis, watery or goopy eyes can curtail your cat’s ability to  enjoy daily life

Most of the available cat eye medicine consists of drops, wipes or gels; yet fighting your kitty to put eye drops or medicine into their eyes is its own daily struggle.

Providing your feline with the relief they need shouldn’t have to be a battle each time. Many a pet parent can has the scratch marks and battle scars from trying to administer medicine to their finicky feline, so we made it our goal to make giving pain relief painless. 

cat love eat easy use medicine

Our Eye Care & Vision Support treatment comes in pill form, is tasteless, easy-to-swallow, and gentle on their tummies. Even if your pet refuses to eat the whole pill, you can crush the pellets and mix it in their food or dissolve it in some water. It’s that easy!

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use small pills are odorless, tasteless and easy to hide in food 
  • A 100% plant and mineral-based formula that’s not contaminated by harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients
  • A careful blend of nature’s best ingredients that will not result in nasty side effects
  • Great treatment for cats of any size, breed, and age

  • Safe for use after surgery or along side any other medicines or diets
  • Gluten and GMO free

Gentle yet powerful treatment

Our treatments use a well-established blend of homeopathic remedies that are empathetic to the needs of your cat’s body. 

Take a peak into some of what’s inside:

Unlike traditional medicines that use synthetic or chemical ingredients, our formulas are derived 100% from refined dilutions of plants, minerals, and other natural substances. The process of creating the tincture is very exact and ensures that the resulting remedy is  safe for both people and animals.

Our advanced formula is made to human standards using only the highest quality ingredients and a certified GMP manufacturing process which ensures that the resulting remedy is  safe for both people and animals. 

Aconite - Relieves inflammation, respiratory infections and anxiety. Helps reduce redness of blood vessels, burning and stinging in the eyes as well as light sensitivity.

Arnica - Improves vision problems and relieves the swelling and redness in the eye lids that accompany eye-infections. Clears cloudy vision and eases vertigo. Eases pain from dust and other external irritants that get in the eye.

Baptisia - Eases eye soreness and pain; relieves swollen or droopy eyelids including partial paralysis of the lids stemming from infection or inflammation often caused by the flu and other viral infections.

Echinacea - Fights infections like the flu and other respiratory illnesses. Also great for relieving  anxiety and stress. 

Ipecac - Reduces redness and eye strain and spasms caused by a weakness in the ciliary muscle.

Hepar Sulph - Helps relieve pressure on the eyes from ulcerations or pimples on the eyelid and around the eye. Reduces redness and  inflammation of the outer eyelid typically seen as a result of conjunctivitis.  


BestLife4Pets Eye Care and Vision Support relief remedy is a unique and proprietary formulation of well established homeopathic remedies that provides effective relief of eye infections including symptoms such as red and swollen eyes; conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eyelids); ocular and nasal discharge; soreness, burning, itching or pain in the eyes; as well as clearing of blurry or cloudy vision. May also help with paralysis of the optic nerve, sometime caused by trauma, which can lead to eye spasms, sagging or droopy eyes. 


Aconite 30C, Arnica Mont D7+70C, Baptisia D4+40C, Belladonna D4, Bellis P. D6, Cuprum Aceticum D6, Drosera D3, Echinacea D4+40C, Euginia Jambosa D4+40C, Euphrasia D6, Ferr Phos D6, Grindelia D4, Hepar Sulph D10+100C, Ipecac D5, Lobelia Inflata D2, Naphthalinum D12, Passiflora D4, Physostigma D4, Ruta Grave D3, Yerba Santa D4

Suggested Use:

For cats of any size, breed and age

  • 2 pills twice a day for non-severe cases
  • 3 pills a day for sever or chronic conditions

For acute conditions, stop when the infection, or discharge clears. 

For cats with recurring eye infections, once symptoms improve continue with a daily dose of 3 pills once a day for maintenance.


  • Give directly in mouth or mix pills with cat food.
  • If your pet won’t eat the pills whole, then crush them and mix with food. Pills can also be placed inside a treat or pill pocket.
  • For continuous relief throughout the day, pills can also be dissolved in a bit of water in your pet’s water bowl.


Since no two pets are the same, we’ve developed an extensive line of products that target a wide array of ailments your dog may be suffering from. In addition, since your pet can't tell you exactly what's wrong, each remedy addresses several related issues, such as inflammation, swelling, and redness, and more that are causing your pet pain, in order to provide all encompassing relief. 

If your pet is struggling with their health, chances are we’ve got a 100% natural and effective solution that will help target their condition.


It's not only senior cats that can suffer vision problems, rather cats of all ages can end up with goopy or watery eyes, yellow or greenish discharge, swelling and redness. Sometimes the cause is just some foreign matter that got into the eye, sometimes this is a result of trauma or head or eye injury, and sometimes a bacterial or viral infection can be the cause. Cats and kittens with weakened immune systems and frequent respiratory infections are particularly susceptible to having eye related problems. That's why they need BestLife4Pets Eye Care and Vision Support. Made especially for cats, this powerful remedy addresses both the symptoms as well as the cause of the discomfort to provide lasting pain relief and improved eye health to kitty cats of all ages. 


We are a family of proud pet owners on a mission to help pets live happier lives.
In fact, helping all pets be healthy and active so they can spend many fun and happy years with the humans that love them is our top priority. That is why at BestLife4Pets we pride our selves on developing formulas that provide a gentle yet powerful solution to a wide array of health concerns without the negative side effects commonly found with traditional medicine.

We’ve worked hard to develop formulas that provide a positive experience for pet and owner alike, because keeping your pet healthy shouldn’t have to be difficult!


Eye Care & Vision Support Feline Eye-Infection Relief Remedy


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