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Eye Care & Vision Support Feline Eye-Infection Relief Remedy



Eye Care & Vision Support Feline Eye-Infection Relief Remedy

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Restore your feline’s eyes to perfect health and see them pounce and play again. Our Eye Care & Vision Support uses a team of gentle yet powerful natural ingredients that will effectively soothe, cleanse and relieve your cat’s eye-infection and associated symptoms.... Read More

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Eye Care and Vision Support relief remedy is a unique and proprietary formulation of well established homeopathic remedies that provides effective relief of eye infections including symptoms such as red and swollen eyes; conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eyelids); ocular and nasal discharge; soreness, burning, itching or pain in the eyes; as well as clearing of blurry or cloudy vision. May also help with paralysis of the optic nerve, sometime caused by trauma, which can lead to eye spasms, sagging or droopy eyes. 

Trust our special homeopathic blend to treat conjunctivitis, epiphora, nerve damage, inflammation of the cornea and chronic eye infection caused by feline calicivirus, respiratory issues or bacterial Infection.

Help improve your kitty's sight and eye health with an effective all-natural remedy proven to heal and support their vision for the long term

Cat-eye infections can happen to any happy feline. In fact, it is likely to occur at least once in every cat's lifetime; while for others, it is a recurring problem.

While many eye drops and eye care solutions provide temporary systematic relief, our remedy doesn’t just suppress the associated symptoms of the infection; it goes a step further and fortifies your pet’s immune system to fight the causes behind any cat-eye infection including, conjunctivitis, upper respiratory issues, corneal ulcers, etc.

This natural eye care remedy is not only designed to get to the root cause of recurring eye infections, it is also a total eye care solution that eases day to day discomfort by addressing and relieving common cat-eye infection symptoms including:

  • Red eyes,
  • Weepy/watery eyes,
  • Discharge at the corner of eyes and under eyelids,
  • Excessive rubbing, blinking, or constant squinting,
  • Avoidance of light,
  • An inflamed third eyelid, and
  • Crusty eyes

By tapping into the proven power of homeopathy, you’ll release your pet from the discomfort and pain and restore their eye health so that they can break the cycle and become happy and healthy again.  

supplement Directions & Dosage


  • Give directly in mouth or mix pills with cat food.
  • If your pet won’t eat the pills whole, then crush them and mix with food. Pills can also be placed inside a treat or pill pocket.
  • For continuous relief throughout the day, pills can also be dissolved in a bit of water in your pet’s water bowl.


  • 2 pills twice a day for non-severe cases
  • 3 pills a day for sever or chronic conditions For acute conditions, stop when the infection, or discharge clears.
For cats with recurring eye infections, once symptoms improve continue with a daily dose of 3 pills once a day for maintenance.

Benefits of Using Eye Care & Vision Support For Cats

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use small pills are odorless, tasteless and easy to hide in food 
  • A 100% plant and mineral-based formula that’s not contaminated by harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients
  • A careful blend of nature’s best ingredients that will not result in nasty side effects
  • Great treatment for cats of any size, breed, and age