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FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders over $49 - 60 Day No Hassle Returns
FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders over $49 - 60 Day No Hassle Returns

Welcome to Our New Beginning!

We did more than just go to the groomers....

You might have noticed some changes on our website or in our emails recently and wondered what it’s all about.  After many months in the works, we're thrilled to finally unveil our rebranding journey, a step forward in our commitment to you and your pets.

As we embrace this new chapter for BestLife4Pets, we want to ensure that you feel informed, excited, and confident about the changes we’re making. Our rebranding is not just about a new logo or a new look; it's about enhancing our mission to provide the best natural health solutions for your furry family members. 

We're excited about these changes and believe they will help your pets live their best lives.

What Inspired the rebrand?

Our rebranding journey is a reflection of the invaluable feedback and support we've received from you, our cherished customers. Your insights, experiences, and suggestions have played a crucial role in shaping the direction of our brand. We've seen your love for your pets, your commitment to their health, and your desire for natural, effective solutions. 

This inspired us to evolve our brand to better resonate with our shared values and to enhance our ability to serve you and your furry family members. The new branding is a testament to our ongoing partnership with you, as we continue to grow and innovate in the world of natural pet wellness.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you understand what to expect now and in the months ahead, and why we believe this change is a great thing for our community.

What's New?

Exciting changes are happening at BestLife4Pets!

We've updated our logo, revamped our website and product lineup to enhance your shopping experience and provide even better care for your pets. All our products can now be easily identified by their color and found in one of seven new categories. (Remember to scan the QR code on the remedy box or insert for an extra special gift 😻)

We've also simplified the dosage on our remedies to make it easier to administer.

From streamlined navigation to updated formulas, here's a preview of what's new:

Simplified Menu Navigation

We've grouped our products into intuitive categories dealing with different health conditions. This change will make it easier to find the right remedies for your pet's specific health needs.

Each product category is a different color, making it easy to identify.
Here's how the treatment focus areas are broken out:

  • Digestive Health: Addresses constipation, intestinal parasites, and scooting.

  • Eye, Ear, Mouth & Nose: Targets ear infections, eye infections, bad breath/dental care, and colds/respiratory infections.

  • General Health: Covers UTI/kidney/bladder issues, incontinence, allergies, immune system support, and liver health.

  • Joint Support: Everything for managing arthritis, hip & joint pain.

  • Mood and Anxiety: Helps with calming, anxiety relief, aggression, and noise phobias.

  • Skin and Coat: Daily support for healthy skin as well as remedies to treat mange, itchy skin, rash & hair loss.

  • Weight Management: Supports weight gain/loss and thyroid health.

Enhanced Formulas and New Products

Many of our existing top quality products have stayed the same but just gotten a new makeover to reflect our new brand and look.

At the same time we listened to you, our customers, and used this opportunity to revise some formulas to help with more symptoms and health issues that you told us your pets need. Whether by updating formulas in our existing products or adding new ones, we aim to better serve you and your pets by addressing issues such as fur loss, allergies, incontinence, bad breath, and more.

Improved Protection and Quality Tracking
One thing we never compromise on is the quality of our products, and now we have gone a step further to insure the safety of our remedies. In line with Good Manufacturing Practices and FDA compliance we have improved our documentation and quality assurance processes. How this affects you:

  1. We have added a small strip of desiccant to each bottle in order to remove any potential moisture that might get into bottles which are shipped to customers living in high humidity areas. This additional protection is a safety measure and in no way impedes the efficacy of the remedies.
  2. To assist us with better tracking, each bottle will now have a batch number sticker on the bottom of the bottle. If there are ever any issues, we will use that number to identify the batch that the remedy came from.

Simpler Administration
To make dosing easier to follow and administer to your pets we have simplified the dosage on our existing remedies. Products also indicate which remedies can be used daily for ongoing maintenance, and which dose is better for acute issues. Below, as well as on our individual product pages, you will find more details on some of the changes we have made.

Additional administration tips and instructions are found on the inserts that come inside each box. More answers to FAQs are found at the bottom of this page.

We hope that these improvements will help you to care for your pet's well-being and keep them healthy and happy longer.

New and Enhanced Remedies

Some of our products got more than just a new look. Read about the improvements we have made below:

Healthy Skin and Allergy Relief: Is Now Healthy Skin & Coat

Healthy Skin and Allergy Relief: Is Now Healthy Skin & Coat

Our enhanced formula Skin & Coat for Cats not only soothes itchy skin but also promotes healthy hair regrowth.

Our reformulated new Healthy Skin & Coat for Dogs remedy provides daily support against dry, flaky skin to keep your pup's fur and coat healthy and soft.

Immunity Boost: Now with Additional Allergy Support

Immunity Boost: Now with Additional Allergy Support

Our improved formula now includes histaminum to provide relief from seasonal allergies, helping to relieve sneezing, coughing and watery eyes in addition to supporting your dog and cat's immune system for overall well-being.

Urinary Tract & Kidney Support for Cats: Now Cat UTI Kidney & Bladder Support

Urinary Tract & Kidney Support for Cats: Now Cat UTI Kidney & Bladder Support

Our improved formula now addresses incontinence/leaking, providing comprehensive support for your cat's urinary tract and kidney health.

Oral Health for Cats: Now Cat Dental Care + Bad Breath Remedy

Oral Health for Cats: Now Cat Dental Care + Bad Breath Remedy

Our improved formula not only supports dental health but also addresses halitosis, ensuring your cat maintains fresh breath.

Anal Gland & Rectal Prolapse Aid for Cats and Dogs: Now Scoot Stopper and Anal Gland Support

Anal Gland & Rectal Prolapse Aid for Cats and Dogs: Now Scoot Stopper and Anal Gland Support

Combining the benefits of our previous cat and dog products, this new look offers effective support for anal gland and rectal issues.

Hypo Balance Thyroid Care for Dogs and Healthy Weight for Cats & Dogs: Now Weight Loss and Thyroid Support

Hypo Balance Thyroid Care for Dogs and Healthy Weight for Cats & Dogs: Now Weight Loss and Thyroid Support

Our improved formula combines the benefits of our previous thyroid and healthy weight products, offering a comprehensive solution for your pet's weight management and thyroid health.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! In fact, our commitment to quality is stronger than ever. With your support and feedback, we've made thoughtful improvements to some of our formulas and introduced new products to better meet your pets' needs. Rest assured, these changes are all about enhancing effectiveness while maintaining the safety and natural integrity you trust. Our rebranding is a step forward, but our dedication to providing the highest quality natural solutions for your pets remains unwavering.

We want to assure you that we're fully committed to a smooth and seamless transition during our rebranding process. Over the next 6 months, as we introduce our new packaging, you may receive products with either the new or old design. Please know that regardless of the packaging, the quality and effectiveness of our products remain unchanged.

We understand that consistency is important to you, and while we don't directly manage the warehouse, we are working closely with our distribution partners to minimize any stock-outs as we introduce the new products. We also want to assure you  that any variations in packaging do not affect the availability of our products. Your peace of mind is our top priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

No, our prices remain the same. We're committed to providing you with great value for our high-quality products.

We're working to make your shopping experience even better! With our new branding comes an updated more user-friendly website, clearer product information, and an overall enhanced shopping journey.

Absolutely! All existing coupons and discounts will remain valid. We want to ensure that you continue to enjoy the same great value during and after our transition.

Yes! Along with our rebranding, we're excited to introduce new products that align with our mission to provide natural and effective solutions for your pets. Stay tuned for these upcoming additions and we continue to grow!

We'll keep you informed every step of the way! Follow us on social media, subscribe to our email list, and check our website for regular updates and announcements about our rebranding journey.

We welcome your feedback, questions, and ideas with open arms (and paws)! Whether you have thoughts on our rebranding, questions about our products, or suggestions for our new brand direction, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact us through our website, social media channels, or customer service line. Your input is invaluable to us, and we're committed to ensuring your satisfaction as we move forward together.

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