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Natural Weight Loss & Thyroid Support Supplement for Dogs & Cats

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Healthy Weight is the best weight loss remedy to help your pets lose weight by safely increasing metabolism while helping to control your pets' food intake (without leaving them hungry and begging for more).... Read More

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Natural Supplement to Aid in Weight Loss; Helps control hunger

Is your cat or dog adorably cuddly but also maybe just a little bit overweight? The trouble with flabby felines or chunky canines is that although they look cute, their health is in real danger.

Did you know that almost 60% of dogs and cats in the USA are considered obese, leading to an increase in liver, kidney, and heart disease?

Cats and dogs who go crazy over treats and meal times - may need a little help curbing their appetites and speeding up their metabolism. Even if your pet seems healthy, the excess weight can be contributing to early onset of arthritis or even allergies and skin issues.

If your cat’s too fat to jump on to their favorite chair , or your hound is having trouble walking and needs to shed some pounds so they can become the playful, energetic creatures they were before you don't have to go it alone. Try BestLife4Pets Healthy Weight supplement to help.

BestLife4Pets weight management is the perfect way to keep your purring pet at a healthy weight.

Pet Weight Support supplement Directions & Benefits


  • Cats or small dogs under 25lbs take 2-3 pills twice a day.
  • Medium dogs 25-60lbs take 5-7 pills twice a day.
  • Large dogs over 60lbs take 5-10 pills three times a day.
Consult your vet prior to starting any weight loss program.


Mix pellets in with wet or dry pet food. If your pet won’t eat the pellets whole, then crush them and mix with food. Pellets can also be dissolved in a bit of water and given to your dog or cat to drink.

Key Benefits

Designed for pets of any breed and life stage, this homeopathic supplement helps both small and big dogs and cats from overeating while increasing their energy so that they can be more active. 

  • Gently alters your pet’s metabolic processes in order to stimulate fat burning and reduce the calories ingested so your pet loses fat, not muscle
  • Helps your pets get the maximum nutrients from the foods they eat
  • Increases energy so your pet can be more active
  • Restores the imbalance between caloric intake and food consumption to control hunger so your pet isn't constantly begging for food

Benefits of Using Healthy Weight For Dogs & Cats

A Natural Weight Loss Aid for Cats and Dogs

Obesity in pets is a nutritional disease that typically results from over nourishment, lack of exercise or a general tendency to retain weight. Even moderate obesity can result in serious adverse health effects, such as reducing the lifespan of your pet. Multiple areas of the body are also affected by excess body fat, including the bones and joints, the digestive organs, and the organs responsible for breathing capacity.

Putting your overweight pet on a diet can be super hard. That's why these pills can help your dog or cat can lose weight safely by addressing the key factors that contribute to obesity. By gently increasing metabolism - the healthy weight pills help to control your pets food consumption, without leaving them hungry and begging for more.

Composed of the following select homeopathic remedies: Amm. Brom D10+100C, Phytolacca Berry D1+10C, Thyroidinum D2+20C, Fucus Ves D1+10C, Pulsatilla D1+10C, Kali Brom D10+100C, Cell Salts (Calc Fluor, Calc Phos, Calc Sulph, Ferr Phos, Kali Mur, Kali Phos, Kali Mur, Kali Sulph, Mag Phos, Nat Mur, Nat Phos, Nat Sulph, Silicea)6x
Non medicinal: lactose based pills

Give Your Kitty and Pup a New Lease on Life with the BestLife4Pets Weight Support for Dogs and Cats

Additional benefits include:

  • Easy to use and all natural - no chemicals, no odors, no side-effects
  • Works for all breeds, including senior dog and senior cats
  • Can be used safely with other medicines or special diets
  • Gluten and GMO free

See the FAQs at the bottom for more answers to questions about dog and cat weight support


Frequently asked Questions

In cats, the Savannah, Turkish Van, Ragamuffin, Maine Coon, and Domestic Shorthair breeds are most known for becoming overweight. The Domestic Shorthair is the most common breed of a pet cat. 

In dogs, obesity is commonly seen in Labradors, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, Pugs, Beagles, Basset Hounds, and Dachshunds.

A roly-poly kitty or pooch may be popular on Instagram, but they can experience serious health problems if they don’t get their weight to a healthy level.

Obese cats and dogs are at risk of a shorter life span due to a higher risk of developing many types of cancer, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, hypertension, osteoarthritis, and faster degeneration of affected joints and urinary bladder stones.

The American Veterinary Medical Association provides an Animal Obesity Toolkit on their website that is useful in determining the best weight for your pet: 

General signs include:

  • When owners are unable to see or feel the pet’s ribs, spine, or waistline.
  • A bulging belly or abdominal sagging
  • A bigger, rounder face - it's cute but not healthy at all.
  • A reluctance to move, go for walks or play as normal.
  • Excessive lethargy, panting and tiredness.
  • For Cats: Greasy patches of hair, matted fur, or flaky skin - a sign they can't clean those areas.
  • For Dogs: A swinging pouch between the dog’s hind legs

It’s not just about looks there are a whole host of health benefits when your dog or cat slims down and sheds the extra pounds.

Here’s what Healthy Weight can help with:

  • Slim and Trim - Alters your pet's metabolic processes to stimulate fat burning and reduce calories taken in so they lose fat instead of muscle mass.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption - Helps your pets get the maximum nutrients from the foods they eat
  • Playtime for Your Kitty or Pooch - Increases energy so your pet can be more active.
  • Reduces Cravings - Restores the imbalance between caloric intake and food consumption to control hunger so your pet isn't constantly begging for food

Together with a holistic veterinarian you can create a health weight loss meal plan tailored for your pet. Do not try to simply reduce the amount of food, as that can cause malnutrition over time.

Extra playtime or exercise with your cat, or longer walks with your dog can also be helpful.

Try to limit the number of treats and use the Healthy Weight for Cats and Dogs remedy on a consistent basis and you should notice your dog and cat begging less for treats or even leaving food in their bowl. You should also notice them sleeping better and having more energy.

Helping your pet maintain their proper weight involves providing the right amount of nutritious food along with daily exercise. What ingredients make up a proper diet and what type of exercise works best depends on your pet’s species, age, size, and overall health. Unfortunately, there’s no safe rapid weight loss system for our pets.

Just like with humans, being overweight can affect your dog’s or cat’s lifespan. Carrying too much weight puts additional stress on many systems of the body, especially the heart, lungs, and other internal organs. Their joints and legs can also take a beating.

Being overweight can also affect how well they can breathe, especially when lying down.

If your dog is overweight and always hungry, they may have developed hypothyroidism, diabetes, or Cushing's disease. Your veterinarian can perform tests that can let you know if your pet has developed complications due to being overweight.

Just like in humans, the safest ways for your dog or cat to lose weight are feeding a nutritious diet in the proper amounts and providing appropriate daily exercise.

You may want to rule out any other health problems that may also cause your pet to be overweight or to lack the ambition or ability to exercise.

This supplement has been shown to be safe for use in most dogs and cats. Follow the recommendations for how much and when to use the supplement.

Just like humans, our dogs lose weight through proper diet and exercise. You may want to rule out any other health problems that may also cause your dog to be overweight or to lack the ambition or ability to exercise.

An increased metabolism can help your pet control their weight. This can be done through short bursts of intense activity which can increase your pet's metabolism.
For dogs this can include a game of tug-of-war, chasing a ball, or quick sprints.
For cats this can be a game of chasing a ball or yarn, a feather or toy mouse

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