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Are Men With Cats More Attractive?

Man cuddling and petting a cat with a white chest

“A true best friend leaves pawprints on our hearts”

“A Dog is a Man's Best Friend" - This quote from King Frederick of Prussia dates way back to 1789, and is one that most of us have heard many times. A lesser known quote, but one that rings even more true is “if you want to know the character of a man, find out what his cat thinks of him”.

When we say the word cat parent, most people would assume we’re talking about a woman. While it is true that mostly women are cat parents, there are many men who also love and appreciate the amazingness of cats.

So what does it say about men who love cats, AKA Cat Dads?

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What Does it Mean if a Man Loves Cats?

You probably know some man who swore that they would never have a pet. My father is one of those men; so are several good friends. While due to circumstances, usually out of their control, such as the woman in their life deciding to get a dog or cat, or them happening upon a rescue that they just couldn't leave, these men end up with a pet.

Despite some outward grumbling to anyone who will listen, these men usually end up being completely enamored with their pets. Often, these animals become more than just pets, they're family. Men sometimes devote even more time to caring for them than women. This seems to be especially true for men with cats.

Perhaps it is that cats are more aloof so men feel more comfortable showing their love and affection for a cool cat rather than an over eager dog, but one thing for sure, there are lots of men who love cats.

Much more than dogs, cats tend to have a very mercurial personality. One moment they are cuddling with you and the next they want to be left alone. Cats can be funny, frisky, sweet and standoffish all in one. In order to be accepting of this feline personality, men who love cats therefore tend to be patient, loving, kind and independent.

So, does having a cat makes a man more attractive?

Do Women Prefer Men with Cats?

Studies suggest that women prefer men who have pets over men who don’t. Although dog dads are preferred over cat dads, women favor cat owners over men who don’t have any pets at all.

Man and woman hugging and cuddling with each other and a tiger striped cat

When it comes to men with cats on dating apps, it seems to be a split opinion whether it is better or worse to have a kitty in the profile picture. In fact, if a profile picture has a guy with a pet, it shows he is looking for a more long term relationship, as having a pet is a lifelong commitment.

This is possibly the reason why men with profile pictures with their cats tend to get more views on dating apps than men who don’t pose with their pet animals. Men who have pets are known to typically be more kind, compassionate, and of course more responsible.

Men with cats also show they are willing to put work into a relationship, as cats make us work for their love, trust, and affection more than dogs. Men with cats tend to be loyal and loving (especially to their cats 😊) Some women even complain that their cats prefer their husbands or boyfriends more than them.

Why do Cats Often Favor Men?

The first question that may pop into your mind might be: Can cats tell the difference between males and females?

Grey cat looking up towards human

 Well, they definitely can! Although our faces may look similar to cats, cats have a very acute sense of smell and can tell the difference between male and females by their hormones.

Regardless of the gender, cats attach better to people that they communicate well with. Generally, female cats tend to bond better with men, and male cats tend to bond better with women.

Research suggests that cats as a rule tend to show more fondness toward female owners. This is primarily because women engage with cats more. They talk to their cats, play around, and cuddle more than men, so cats may prefer female owners over males.

That doesn’t mean cats don’t like males at all. If a male loves cats and keeps them as a pet, they won’t forget the cat is around.

They’ll play with the cat, feed it, and even talk to them, which will form a bond between the male cat parent and the cat. And a man who is willing to put work into a relationship is worth the time to get to know.

What Does Having a Cat Say About a Man's Personality?

Most of us tend to have a bad habit of forming opinions of others based on what we think we know. When we take the time to get to truly know a person, we open ourselves up to new friendships - or perhaps even more!

Today's dating world has it's own unique challenges, and only letting what we think we know influence our decisions on who to date could result in missing out on the true Mr. Wonderful. Though women prefer cat owners over those who don’t own any pet, cat owners are often seen as less masculine, less attractive, and less dateable.

However, just as perceptions about certain cats (such as that black cats are unlucky or bad) are usually based more on clichés and superstitions than fact, so are perceptions about men who own cats.

We are all individual, and just as finding the right cat for your family is important; if you love animals, finding the right mate that fits your lifestyle is just as key.

So ditch your perceptions about men with cats because owning a cat can tell you a lot about a man’s personality, and if you ask us, cat owners definitely make great dates. Here’s why:

1. Cat Parents are Smarter

man near a window with cat giving nose kiss

Research suggests that cat people are smarter than dog people.

A University of Florida study in 2017 showed cat parents scored higher in a test for reasoning and general intelligence than dog people. Also, they also proved better at abstract thought, self-reliance, and open-mindedness.

Some famous super smart cat dads include Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Cat people tend to be more introverted and sensitive. On the flip side, dog people were found to be warmer and extroverted personalities that were very conscious about rules.

Intelligence is a very attractive quality, and so are many other traits of cat dads!

2. Cat Men Have to Learn to Respect Moods

Cats make us earn their love, and they can be quite picky and ever changing about the rules. Cats are very moody creatures.

If you ignore a cat, they are likely to be rubbing at your legs or climbing on your lap, pay them too much attention, and they will turn on you and leave, or even hiss at you! Let's be honest ladies, we can be that way too.

Cat dads must like these complex personalities and enjoy the challenge. Men with cats have to be good at understanding subtle clues and reading the mood. They have had to learn to respect the mood changes.

Cat dads also have to be alert to the cat's behavior also to properly care for the cat, especially older cats, as it can be challenging to know if they are in pain or sick.

3. Cat Dads are Typically Good to All Animals

One of the best things about cat lovers is that they’re generally good to all other animals. So, if you’ve got a dog, a guinea pig, or any other pet, a man who loves cats will also be nice to your other pets. Cats need daily care and attention. A cat dad won't complain that your pet is irritating or frustrating, since cats are not the easiest pets to care for personality wise, even though they are quite independent.

4. Men With Cats are Confident & Have a Good Sense of Humor

Man with cat in profile picture

Cats are known as the unofficial mascot of the internet.

Funny cat videos generate millions of searches and views each month. This shows that men with cats find humor and entertainment even in the little things.

Being that there are sometimes negative opinions about cat dads, it's clear they are secure enough in their manhood to not care what others think & confident in their own opinions.

Some famous cat dad's include Howard Stern, Ricky Gervais, Michael J. Fox as well as many others actors and singers such as James Franco, Morgan Freeman, James Dean, Freddie Mercury and Ed Sheeran.

And of course, a very special cat dad is a true cat lover and advocate, Jackson Galaxy, who is a pet parent to seven cats!

Cat Dads are Loyal

Dogs are known for their playfulness, affection and friendliness.

Man holding fluffy cat

A typical dog will run up to anyone who wants to pet them or throw a ball, but cats are choosy.

When a cat chooses their person, they are loyal for life. Well, at least when they are in the mood to be loved on by their person!

Likewise, a cat dad is loyal and up for true commitment. Even though they can be perceived as less manly, they are more sensitive, secure, and vulnerable, and maybe tougher because of the cat.

Be proud of who you are - and if that means you are a cat dad, don't be afraid to let others know too!

And if you are a single guy thinking of getting a cat - do it! Cats are wonderful pets, and there are actual proven emotional benefits to having a pet cat. 

After all, our pets are our family too, and when it comes to long term relationships, our important furry family members are part of our package.

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