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Oral Health for Cats Dental Treatment - Natural Stomatitis and Gingivitis Solution (450 pills)

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Oral Health for Cats helps control degenerative mouth ailments, tartar, and plaque buildup which, even with regular brushing, can cause periodontal disease and eventual tooth loss - sometimes leading to heart, lung and kidney disease.



Oral Health for Cats Dental Treatment - Natural Stomatitis and Gingivitis Solution (450 pills)

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$29.99 $39.99

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Oral Health for Cats helps control degenerative mouth ailments, tartar, and plaque buildup which, even with regular brushing, can cause periodontal disease and eventual tooth loss - sometimes leading to heart, lung and kidney disease.

Natural Anti-inflammatory Dental Treatment for Cats with Mouth Infection, Chronic Ulcerative Paradental Syndrome (CUPS), and Other Dental Disease.

Is your cat experiencing oral health problems? Does their bad breath rival stinky fish or rotten cheese? Have their gums started receding causing them to whimper in pain after each meal? Don’t wait until things get worse and your kitty has to suffer through extensive – and expensive - veterinary dental work and teeth extractions. Instead, you can act now and save both you and your furry friend from a lot of pain and heartache down the road by choosing a homeopathic feline dental treatment that works.

Oral Health for Cats is the smart and natural solution for healthy toothy smiles not gummy grins. This homeopathic treatment helps control degenerative mouth ailments, tartar, and plaque buildup, which, even with regular brushing, can cause periodontal disease and eventual tooth loss.

How the BestLife4Pets Natural Mouth Infection, Cat Stomatitis and Gingivitis Treatment Works?

Addressing your cat's oral health problems with Oral Health for cats is the perfect natural alternative to harsh medication regimens. With oral health problems being such a significant issue in feline health, treating your cat with our natural alternative is the perfect way to go. The Oral Health for cats homeopathic formula only contains plants and minerals, so it has no side effects or adverse reactions. We use plants only - no chemicals!

Oral Health for Cats has no Chemicals and Artificial Ingredients, is Odor-free, Gluten-free, GMO-free, and is absolutely Safe for your cat.

Who Can Benefit From Oral Health for Cats?

Oral Health for cats provides natural support for oral conditions that are making eating difficult whether its drinking water or food, like:

  • Pharyngitis
  • Cheilitis
  • Glossitis or inflammation of the back mouth lips tongue
  • Stomatitis (mouth sores)

Your cat may show symptoms of mouth and oral diseases that are similar to what people experience. Take a look below at how these symptoms manifest in felines!

  • Bad breath (Halitosis)
  • Bleeding or inflamed gums
  • Discolored teeth
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Bloody saliva and mucus
  • Reduced appetite


Key Benefits of Using Oral Health for Cats:

Keep your cat's teeth looking clean by making sure they get proper dental care.
Here's how Oral Health for Cats helps your cat fight oral problems and maintain optimal dental health:

  • Proven homeopathic formula: Treats infection and disease at their roots, providing minerals that help strengthen teeth and alleviate jaw pain.
  • Powerful pain relief: Eases symptoms and allows your pup to feel better faster.
  • Strong anti-inflammatory action: Helps reduce painful and inflamed gums.
  • Eliminates bad breath: Wipes out odor-causing substances from your cat’s mouth.
  • No More Fuss and Fight: No need to get scratched while brushing your cat’s teeth with these easy to swallow pills!


Capsicum D100+100C, Condurango D6+60C, Hydrastis Mur D3+30C, Kali Permanganatum D3+30C, Merc Sol D100+100C, Sulphuric Acid D100+100C, proprietary blend of Mineral Tissue Salts: (Ferr Phos, Mag Phos and Calc Fluor) 6x

How to Take Oral Health for Cats

No Fuss Administration! Give the pellets whole, mixed with food, crushed, or dissolved in water. The pellets are odor-free and can escape the noses of the most curious felines!


The pills can be used for cats of any size, breed and age. Dosage is 2 pills twice a day ... OR 3 pills twice a day for severe or chronic conditions.
For mild infections, stop when the infection, redness or sores clear. For cats with chronic gum and mouth issues or recurring infections, once symptoms improve, continue with a daily dose of 3 pills once a day for maintenance.

Can Oral Health be Used as a Cat Mouth Infection Home Treatment?

Yes! Oral Health is a homeopathic at-home remedy that can help treat cat mouth infection issues safely and naturally with no need for painful vet procedures. It uses a blend of natural ingredients that are gentle yet effective and are in line with sound homeopathic veterinary medicine practices.


Here’s what makes Oral Health for cats stand out:

  • Safe to use, no negative side-effects.
  • Can be used for cats of all breeds, sizes, and ages, from kittens to seniors.
  • Easy to administer pellets.
  • Zero-chemical formula.
  • May be safely taken along with other medication, supplements, mouth rinses, dental plaque treatment, or water additives.


See the FAQs Tab for more answers to your questions


  1. What causes stomatitis in cats?

    In most cases, gingivitis is caused by a bacterial infection linked to plaque bacteria on the teeth. The cause of stomatitis is unknown. There is a possibility that it arises from a hyper-immune (over-reactive) response of oral tissues to bacterial plaque. Hormonal deficiencies, such as hypothyroidism may also contribute to stomatitis.

  2. What are stomatitis/gingivitis symptoms in cats?

    Many vets will administer broad-spectrum antibiotics, chlorhexidine rinses or gels, and anti-inflammatory medications. They may even extract teeth in the affected area including the root tips. Alternatively, you can treat feline stomatitis/ gingivitis with this natural gingivitis treatment for cats, which is safe, and effective for long term use.

  3. Is gingivitis painful for cats?

    Cats can experience serious pain and discomfort from dental disease, which can adversely impact the cat's quality of life. Cats with dental disease often stop eating, which can lead to a variety of health problems.

  4. How to tell if your cat has gingivitis?

    You can tell if your cat has gingivitis as they may be hesitant to eat, may turn their heads unusually while eating, may stop eating, drool, or develop bad breath (halitosis).

  5. What are some of the natural treatments for stomatitis/gingivitis?

    It can be extremely beneficial to use a salt water rinse to heal gums inflamed by gingivitis. Also switching to soft canned food or moistening their food with water can help a cat with a painful mouth.

  6. How much does it cost to treat stomatitis in cats?

    Depending on the clinic you visit it can be very expensive to treat stomatitis in cats. Extraction of rear teeth can cost anywhere between $600 and $700. Full-mouth extractions often cost around $900.

  7. Is this supplement safe for senior pets?

    Yes, this homeopathic dental disease treatment is safe and effective for adult and senior cats. It can also be used young kittens if they have teeth and mouth problems.
    Check with your vet or dentist prior to using if your pet has a medical condition.

  8. Is stomatitis in cats fatal?

    Untreated periodontal disease is dangerous for pets, and is known to shorten their lives by up to two years. However, if you deal with it early on using BestLife4Pets Dental disease treatment, your cat should live a long healthy life with their pearly whites intact.

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Oral Health for Cats Dental Treatment - Natural Stomatitis and Gingivitis Solution (450 pills)

$29.99 $39.99

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