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FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders - 60 Day No Hassle Returns
Pet Relax Dog Anxiety and Calming Relief Formula


Pet Relax Dog Anxiety and Calming Relief Formula

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All natural Pet Stress Aid calms your dog and eases their anxiety and fears when going to the vet, the groomer or to a kennel. Also helps with separation anxiety, fireworks, and loud noises Read More

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Natural Calming Relief for Anxious Dogs

Ever come home to a house full of chewed up shoes and furniture?

Just like us humans, our furry pals also have tendencies to misbehave when exposed to stressful situations. Loud noises, kenneling, unfamiliar places or long road trips can cause your pet to cower in fear, whimper, urinate uncontrollably or even turn aggressive all of a sudden.

BestLife4Pets Natural Calm & Stress Relief Formula naturally removes all feelings of stress, nervousness and fear from your pet.

Dogs have an amazingly intuitive sense of what is coming, they know when you are leaving, when the mailman is coming by, when it's time to go for a walk and when you are about to take them to the vet. This keen sense also contributes to making them be more anxious when an upcoming event is something they are afraid of like being left in the kennel, the groomer or the vet.

That's where Pet Relax calming remedy comes in. This natural, non-drowsy solution is all about reassuring your dog that everything is under control. Our stress relief formula keeps your dog calm, composed and stops its stress-related urge to chomp on your stuff.

Administer before long car rides, trips to the vet, grooming visits, fireworks, or any stressful situation to insure a stress free day for both you and your dog.

If you plan to leave your pets at home for long periods of time, giving your dog this calming remedy 30 minutes prior, or even dropping a few tablets in their water bowl will keep them reassured, preventing destructive behavior and excessive barking.

BestLife4Pets dog anxiety relief pills are the perfect way to keep your dog calm and stress free.

Pet RElax Calming Supplement Directions & Benefits


Dosage is 3 pills 30 minutes prior to stressful event.

Can be repeated every 15 minutes or as needed.


Mix pellets in with wet or dry pet food. If your pet won’t eat the pellets whole, then crush them and mix with food. Pellets can also be dissolved in a bit of water and given to your cat to drink.

Key Benefits

Designed for all dogs regardless of any breed and life stage, this natural flower remedy helps anxious dogs and puppies calm. 

  • Gently calms the dog's nervous system without making them drowsy
  • Reduces barking, growling and other aggressive and destructive behavior
  • Keeps dogs from constantly drooling, licking and scratching - which are signs of stress
  • No alcohol or sugar - unlike other similar Rescue Remedies for Pets, our formula does not contain alcohol or sugar
  • Non-addictive and does not cause stomach upset
  • Easy to use: No need to wrestle your dog into a thunder jacket or calming vest

Benefits of Using Pet Relax Calming Remedy for Dogs

A Natural Dog Calming Solution

Just like us humans, our furry pals also have tendencies to misbehave when exposed to stressful situations. Loud noises, kenneling, unfamiliar places or long road trips can cause your pet to cower in fear, whimper, urinate uncontrollably or even turn aggressive all of a sudden.

Usually this is because they sense that something scary like a run in with a dog they don't like, or getting in the car to go to the vet is about to happen. And when the event is unanticipated, like loud fireworks, thunder or some other surprise, they get even more stressed.

Being separated from their beloved owner when you leave for work makes them very anxious and leads to hiding or other destructive behavior.

From fireworks and thunderstorms to vet visits and travel adventures, dogs can easily become stressed in various situations. But don't worry, we have a solution to help your beloved pup relax and find their inner zen.

That's why you need BestLife4Pets Natural Calm & Stress Relief Formula to naturally remove your dog's feelings of stress, nervousness and fear.

Pet Relax is the composition of well established Flower Remedies which possesses calming and anti-anxiety properties to help reduce stress, fear and anxiety in pets:

  • Helianthemum nummularium (Rock Rose) - promotes calmness & relaxation
  • Clematis vitalba - improves focus
  • Impatiens glandulifera - addresses irritation and impatience
  • Prunus cerasifera (Cherry Plum) - assists with self control
  • Ornithogalum umbellatum (Star-of-Bethlehem) - helps with shock or trauma

Keep your dog calm and relaxed even during stressful events with this natural calming remedy!

Additional benefits include:

  • Easy to use and all natural - no alcohol, no chemicals, no odors, no side-effects
  • Works for all breeds, including feral, kittens and senior cats
  • Can be used safely with other medicines or special diets
  • Gluten and GMO free

See the FAQs at the bottom for more answers to questions about spotting and treating dog anxiety


Frequently asked Questions

Some of the most common signs of anxiety and stress in dogs include:

  • Whining or barking
  • Pacing or shaking
  • Showing the whites of eyes
  • Position of ears: rigid or flattened
  • Panting
  • Showing their teeth or gums
  • Lack of appetite
  • Excessive licking
  • Tucking in their tail
  • Shaking or shivering
  • Excessive drooling
  • Itching and scratching
  • Yawning

Depending on the situation and the cause of your dog's anxiety, different solutions may work better than others.

If you can remove your dog from the stressful situation that usually works best, but if that is not possible try to ease their fears by using one or more of these techniques:

  • exercising your dog to tire them out
  • creating a relaxing, quiet environment
  • putting on soft music or using a white noise machine,
  • using a calming product made for dogs to help keep a them calm.

For more suggestions, read our blog on calming down a stressed dog

For centuries flower essences have been used as natural
remedies for curing the sick and calming the mind, and till today they play an important part in herbal medicine and complementary therapies

The flower essences used in the BestLife4Pets Pet Relax formula are proven to help relieve stress, calm the nervous system, and even ease the effects of traumatic events which can have a negative impact on the immune system.

Stress and anxiety in prolonged states is not good for any one. All dogs from puppy to senior dog can benefit from remaining calm in stressful situations.

Scared dogs, especially, can run away and hide, or the opposite - get aggressive and attack when scared which is why it is even more important to keep them calm and safe.

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