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FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders over $49 - 60 Day No Hassle Returns

Pet Relax Anxiety and Stress Relief for Cats

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BestLife4Pets' Pet Relax Cat Calming Anxiety Relief formula keeps your cat calm, reducing stress-related behavior like hiding, urinating or constant licking. Administer before car rides, trips to the vet, grooming, or any stressful situation to ensure a stress free day.... Read More

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Supplements Directions & Benefits


  • Give 2 pills 30 minutes prior to a stressful event.
  • Can be repeated every 15 minutes or as needed.

Administer pills to your cat directly, mix with food, or place in treats. Crush or dissolve pills in water if needed.

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Key Benefits

  • Calming: Gently calms the cat's nervous system without making them drowsy.
  • Behavior Management: Reduces aggressive and destructive behavior.
  • Stress Indicators: Keeps cats from constant licking and scratching, which are signs of stress.
  • No Harmful Additives: Unlike other similar Rescue Remedies for Pets, our formula does not contain alcohol or sugar.
  • Safety: Non-addictive and does not cause stomach upset.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to use: No need to wrestle your cat into a thunder jacket or calming vest.

Why you will love Pet Relax Calming Anxiety Relief formula for your cat

We've all experienced moments of stress and anxiety, but did you know that cats can experience anxiety, too?

Anxiety is usually related to worry and fear of an event that is going to happen in the near future. Cats can experience those same feelings of unease and nervousness when anticipating stressful events like a visit with the vet, going to the groomer, being introduced to new people or pets, traveling and more. Even being separated from their beloved owner can make them anxious and leads to hiding or other destructive behavior.

That's where Pet Relax calming remedy comes in. This natural, non-drowsy solution is all about reassuring your cat that everything is under control. Administer before long car rides, trips to the vet, grooming visits or any stressful situation to insure a stress free day for both you and your cat.

BestLife4Pets cat calming pills are the perfect way to keep your kitty relaxed and purring.

** Spotlight on Our Rebrand: Our new label isn't just a makeover; it's our pledge of loyalty to you and your furry family. For the full scoop on why we freshened up but kept the goodness, head over to our FAQ Page

Benefits of Using Pet Relax Calming Remedy for Cats


  • Clematis vitalba: Helps reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation, ideal for cats that tend to withdraw or become lethargic when stressed or anxious.
  • Helianthemum nummularium (Rock Rose): Aids in calming fearful or panicked emotions, particularly beneficial for cats that experience intense fear during events like thunderstorms or vet visits.
  • Impatiens glandulifera: Helps alleviate stress and tension, suitable for cats that show signs of irritability or restlessness in stressful situations.
  • Ornithogalum umbellatum (Star-of-Bethlehem): Supports emotional healing and stability, helping cats recover from traumatic experiences, such as accidents, loss of a companion, or abuse.
  • Prunus cerasifera (Cherry Plum): Helps promote calmness and reduce anxious behavior, especially effective for cats that may lose control, exhibit aggression, or self-harm when overwhelmed.
  • Non-medicinal ingredients: Lactose based pills serve as a carrier for the active ingredients, ensuring they are delivered effectively without affecting their potency.
Additional Features:
  • No Additives: Free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, and alcohol. Gluten-free, GMO-free, and completely safe for your cat or kitten.
  • Tasteless & Odorless: Quick-dissolving pellets that are flavorless and scentless, perfect for mixing into your cat's favorite food or treats.
  • Easy to Administer: Pills can be given whole, mixed with food, or dissolved in water—ideal for finicky eaters and stray cats.
  • Safe for All Breeds & Ages: Suitable for any cat, from kittens to pregnant mothers.
  • This remedy and its ingredients generally have no specific contraindications and are considered safe with all medications. However, if your pet has existing health issues or if you have any questions or concerns, it is advised to consult your veterinarian.
  • Store in a dry place and away from essential oils and strong scents

See the FAQs at the bottom for more answers to questions about the signs and treatments of cat anxiety.


Frequently asked Questions

Some of the most common signs of cat anxiety include:

  • Hissing, growling and other spiteful behavior
  • Withdrawing or hiding more than usual
  • Peeing outside the litter box
  • Eating or drinking less
  • Overeating
  • Destructive behavior like scratching the furniture
  • Excessive meowing
  • Overly clingy behavior

Depending on why your kitty is anxious, different solutions may work better than others. Generally, creating a relaxing, quiet environment, putting on soft music or using a white noise machine, and using a calming product made for cats will help to keep a cat calm.

For centuries flower essences have been used as natural
remedies for curing the sick and calming the mind, and till today they play an important part in herbal medicine and complementary therapies

The flower essences used in the BestLife4Pets Pet Relax formula are proven to help relieve stress, calm the nervous system, and even ease the effects of traumatic events which can have a negative impact on the immune system.

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