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Cat Anal Gland Supplement & Prolapse Remedy



Cat Anal Gland Supplement & Prolapse Remedy

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BestLife4Pets Anal Gland & Rectal Prolapse treatment for cats strengthens the anal gland and restores elasticity to help reduce swelling around the anus allowing cats to poop without pain. Read More...

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BestLife4Pets Anal Gland & Rectal Prolapse for Cats - a Natural Remedy to Help Relieve the Pain and Discomfort from Renal Strain and Protrusion

A cat's normal anal glands fill up with with fluid which is then expressed when a cat defecates. If the glands become clogged or impacted and the fluid cannot be passed it can lead to constipation and interfere with the cat's normal use of the litter box. Over time a cat's anal glands can become weak and even protrude.

Some of the more obvious indications of a weakening anal gland are unexpected release of mucous stool or blood from the anus causing itchiness and sores.

This powerful treatment supports and restores the normal function of the anal glands thus relieving symptoms of anal gland weakness and rectal prolapse in cats, including burning pains, itchiness, redness, irritation, hard and bloody stool. Our unique formula of well established homeopathic remedies also helps to strengthen the anal glands and restores elasticity that over time allows the rectal mass to retreat back into the anus.

This small but powerful medicine will reduce swelling and inflammation around the anus, allowing your cat to use the litter box pain free.

Don't let them suffer - try BestLife4Pets' Anal Gland Support today!

supplement Directions & Benefits


Dose for all cats is 2 pills twice a day ... OR 3 pills twice a day for severe or chronic conditions; or as prescribed by a Homeopathic vet.

The pills are easy to swallow and can be used for cats of any size, breed and age

Mix pellets in a pill pocket, with wet or dry cat food or a treat. If your pet won’t eat the pellets whole, then crush them into powder and mix with food. Pellets can also be dissolved in a bit of water and given to your cat to drink.

Key Benefits

  • Gentle anal gland support: Strengthens & restores elasticity to help the rectum retract safely.
  • Potent relief: Relieves abdominal pain and discomfort from renal strain and protrusion.
  • Eases fecal matter excretion: Helps soften the stool and reduce swelling so feces passes through easily.
  • Aids the natural healing process: Supports normal bowel movements & helps your cat feel better, faster.
  • Also helpful in restoring the anal gland back to normal post-pregnancy if pushed out during labor.

Free your feline from the burning pain and itchiness of red and inflamed anal glands - Try the BestLife4Pets Anal Gland Support for Cats today!

Composition & Features

Treating your cat's rectal issues with Anal Gland & Rectal Prolapse Aid for Cats is the perfect natural alternative to harsh medication regimens or invasive surgeries. Our homeopathic formula contains only plants and minerals, so there are no side effects or adverse reactions like those seen in mainstream veterinary practice - just relief from swelling and irritation so you and your cat can rest easy!

Aesculus Glab D2+20C, Aesculus Hippocastanum D2+20C, Aloe Socotrina D20+200C, Ignatia D20+200C, Podophyllum D7+70C, Sepia D7+70C, Ferr Met D7+70C, Cell Salts: (Calc Fluor, Calc Phos, Calc Sulph, Ferr Phos, Kali Mur, Kali Phos, Kali Mur, Kali Sulph, Mag Phos, Nat Mur, Nat Phos, Nat Sulph, Silicea)6x
Non medicinal: lactose based pills

Additional features:

Cat owners know how hard it is to give medicine to a cat. Finicky felines can smell flavored medicine, stinky liquids and fish oils a mile away, so give your kitty a supplement that your pet will actually take without a struggle or fight. BestLife4Pets Anal Gland Support for Cats all-natural remedy is easy to give and has the following additional benefits:

  • No Additives - There are no artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives, or alcohol. The remedy is is Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, and absolutely safe for your cat.
  • Tasteless & Odorless - These tiny pellets dissolve quickly, have no Odor, and leave no bad taste so it is easy to hide them in cat food or favorite treats
  • Easy to Give - The pills can be given whole, mixed with food, crushed, or dissolved in water.
  • Safe for All Breeds - The pills are easy to swallow and can be given to all cats; safe to use with other medicines.
  • For all Ages - From kittens to senior cats (even feral cats), safe and effective for all ages.
Help Your Cats Feel Like Their Best Selves! Ease the passage of elimination, restore their anal glands back to health and help them poop pain free.


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