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FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders over $49 - 60 Day No Hassle Returns




With the opportunity to win gift cards, cat health and wellness products, and more!


Try top quality premium cat products for your furry friend

Have you been looking to try top quality premium cat products for your furry friend?

You’re in luck, GRAND LIFE BRANDS and BestLife4Pets have come together to create the ultimate Cat Lovers Giveaway this summer! 

Between now and August 8th, you can enter to win a wide range of fabulous prizes that were made with your furry friend in mind.

With no purchase necessary, simply fill out the form below to enter to win. (Yes, only humans can win for their furry friends!)

Grand Prize Pack ($180 value)

Grand Prize Pack ($180 value)

Includes one bottle of Mr. Lucky's litter box odor eliminator, 3 BestLife4Pets cat health supplement bottles (UTI & Kidney Support, Cat Constipation Relief, and Immunity Boost) AND $50 Gift Card. 

Click here to learn more about these products and how they can help your furry friend. 

Use BestLife4Pets products to support and maintain cats' health - from occasional constipation, to UTI treatment and kidney support, to general immune boost - these high quality, premium products are 100% natural with no additives and no  chemicals added!

GRAND LIFE BRANDS Cat Urine Odor eliminator is also made from a naturally occurring mineral (zeolite). It is very effective in absorbing the litter box smells, or smells of cat pee spots anywhere in the house (or car, RV, boat etc). It is safe for all kinds of floors and furniture, is 100% natural with no additives, fragrances or chemicals.  It works with all litter boxes (even automatic ones), and any kind of litter - and it will make litter last longer, saving you money in the long run!

One lucky winner will enjoy all these, and a $50 gift card to help spoil their favorite kitties (or the kitties' favorite humans) even more!

Second Prize Pack ($120 value) 

Second Prize Pack ($120 value) 

Includes one bottle of Mr. Lucky's litter box odor eliminator, one bottle each of BestLife4Pets Cat constipation relief, and UTI & Kidney Support products AND a $25 gift card.

But that’s not it…

We also have surprise coupons for both 3rd and 4th place and for everyone who enters ranging up to 50% off any products from both companies on 

Enter now for your chance to win one of these incredible bundles before time runs out!


What is the secret to winning?

Only those who make it down this far on the page will get the secret formula to enhance their chances of winning.

Here’s what to do…

Enter the Form → Share → Complete Tasks → Collect Points → WIN Prizes!!

The more points you collect, the more likely you are to win!
And the best part is as you focus on collecting points, you’re able to unlock additional prizes - even if you don't win the Grand Prize, you still win!

Here's how to collect points:

Refer others and have them sign up to this contest
Complete tasks such as visit our social media pages
Upload a picture of your favorite cat (that would be all of them!)
Recommend a cat rescuer/animal shelter to us and they'll win too!

Have questions about this giveaway? Send an email to