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More Remedies to Keep Your Pets Healthy

Discover a collection of over-the-counter homeopathic remedies for dogs & cats

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Holistic Remedies Traditionally Used for Helping Various Dog and Cat Health Conditions

Keep your dog and cat healthy and youthful with these natural pet supplements.

  • ANAL GLAND & CONSTIPATION SUPPORT - Does your dog and cat have problems with their bowels. Not being able to expel excrement can cause your pet pain and discomfort. Help stop the scoot, straining and pushing with a natural holistic treatment that relives constipation and supports the anal glands. 

  • MANGE, ITCHING & FUR LOSS - Do you hate seeing your dog or cat suffering from constant itching, scratching, fur loss, scabs or welts due to mites?  It’s painful to see your beloved pet's fur be crusty or patchy knowing they are constantly itchy and uncomfortable. That's why we developed an all-natural mange treatment to help pets deal with demodectic and sarcoptic mange (scabies) caused by mites. Get rid of ear mites and other parasites that cause your pet discomfort and restore their fur back to health without smelly topicals and artificial ingredients.

  • EYE INFECTIONS - Keep your dog and cat's eyes clear and healthy by addressing some of the most common eye conditions like conjunctivitis, dry eye, or epiphora. Keep your dog and cat's vision clear with our Eye Care and Vision support for Cats and the Eye Infection Treatment for dogs

  • WORMS AND PARASITES - Parasites can find their way into your dog and cat’s system pretty easily so its important to keep an eye out for these worms as adult cats and dogs can even pass the worms on to kittens and puppies.  The good news is that there are home remedies you can try to not only deworm your pets but also help prevent the worms from coming back to infect your dog or cat.  Check out our broad spectrum Dewormers that help dogs and cats of all ages and breeds get rid of hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms and more.  

  • POOR LIVER FUNCTION - Do you know that liver problems in dogs and cats is  one of the leading causes of death? Since the liver plays many roles in your pet’s bodily functions, liver problems in dogs and cats can manifest in various ways so it's important to keep their liver functioning top notch. That's why our natural Liver Support Remedy was made to help support healthy liver function and slow down the deterioration of the liver.  

  • HYPO & HYPER THYROIDISM - The thyroid hormone can play havoc with your pet's system if it is out of balance. Whether your dog and cat is suffering from an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) or and underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) they are probably not feeling very well. Some of the most common symptoms include mood changes, lethargy, weight loss or gain, and general poor well-being. Our thyroid support remedies help to re-balance your dog and cat's thyroid hormone naturally which helps reduce symptoms and get your pet feeling their best again.  


Yes. The BestLife4Pets remedies can be used for senior dogs and older cats, adult pets of any breed. They are also safe enough to be used on puppies and kittens.