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Hypothyroidism In Dogs

Curb appetite, manage weight, and restore energy naturally

Hypothyroidism in dogs is a common disorder when they reach middle age.

And if left untreated, the condition can shorten your best pal’s lifespan. Why? Because nearly every organ in your dog’s body is affected by thyroid hormone and metabolism. It can lead to unexplained weight gain, lack of energy, cold intolerance, thinning or lackluster coat, and even cognitive issues. 

We understand that dealing with hypothyroidism can be concerning, and we want to assure you that there's hope for effective treatment. We invite you to explore our  all-natural solution – Weight Loss & Thyroid Support. You can discover more about it as well as the condition below.

Not sure if this is the right choice? Feel free to Chat With Us or give us or send an email to: with any questions. We're more than happy to assist you with choosing an optimal solution.


Hypothyroidism In Dogs

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Customer Reviews

I'm a retired licensed veterinary nurse. I know how well the Hypo Balance works for one of our dogs who is hypothyroid and also has atypical addison's disease. She has been such a challenge. Finding Hypo Balance Thyroid Care has made an incredible difference in her behavior, along with thyroid medication, and low dose prednisone for her atypical addison’s. Before the Hypo Balance, she'd have unpredictable aggressive tendencies and other behavioral issues. Hypo Balance actually creates a healthy mind/balance for her individual needs.


A year ago my now 8 y/o dude Nugget was diagnosed with a low functioning thyroid. He just was below what would be considered normal. I started this product soon after and blood work today indicated there was improvement in his thyroid production to the lower 1/3 of the "normal" range. It seems to have worked well. I did not however give the suggested amounts for my #80 guy, just 5 a day mixed into his food.

Austin N.

One of our mini schnauzers was so fat he was starting to have breathing issues. He had no energy except at feeding time and appeared to be miserable. We don't feed him any more than we feed our other dogs but he just stayed fat regardless of how much exercise he got. After some investigating I decided it must be a thyroid issue. After just one bottle, giving him tabs twice daily with his food, he's down 6 lbs and it's made a world of difference in his energy and the fat is coming off. He wants to play again! I'm so thankful for these tabs!!

James D.

Natural Thyroid Support for Dogs - Promotes Thyroid Balance for Hypothyroidism & Goiters BestLife4Pets


  • Curbs appetite 
  • Speeds up metabolism 
  • Promotes weight loss 
  • Odorless & easy to give!
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Frequently Asked Questions

You may notice significant weight gain, lethargy and lack of desire to exercise, dry hair that sheds excessively, darker skin pigmentation, and the inability to tolerate cold weather.

Dogs with this condition can live healthy lives, but the key is to manage the condition. We suggest visiting your veterinarian and considering our all-natural treatment option to restore healthy thyroid function. Discover more about our product by clicking here. 

Yes, seizures can develop due to the slowed cellular metabolism from thyroid hormone deficiency.

We have an all-natural product that is highly effective at getting your pal healthy again. You can discover more about it and the cost by clicking here.

Treatment options for a dog with hypothyroidism typically involve thyroid hormone replacement medications prescribed by a veterinarian. Additionally, consider exploring our product, Weight Loss & Thyroid Support, which complements the overall care and well-being of dogs with thyroid issues. If you’re interested in our all-natural solution, you can discover more about it by clicking here.


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