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FREE Standard Shipping On All Orders - 60 Day No Hassle Returns

Dog Skin And Coat Supplement

Nourish skin and hair naturally

Has your dog been shedding lots of hair?

Are you noticing patches of dry, flakey skin that looks red and irritated? 

While the issue usually isn’t a big deal, when left untreated it can lead to more hair loss, discomfort, and skin infections. Discover an effective remedy to alleviate your furry friend's distress with our specially formulated product. Introducing Healthy Skin & Coat + Dog Fur Regrowth, designed to assist with this situation.

. You can get more details about it below.

If you have questions about helping your pal regrow a healthy coat of hair, you can Chat With Us online or email us at: We're more than happy to assist you with choosing an optimal solution.


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Customer Reviews

Healthy skin & allergy relief for Dogs it’s amazing my dogs skin is almost cleared from scabs and her hair is shiny and looking Healthy. Very pleased with these little pills.

Mary G.

I have been giving our German Shepard this for several months now and it works very well. His stomach area was broken out with red itchy bumps and he had no hair on his belly. Since taking this everything started clearing up in a couple weeks. Everything is back to normal now but he still receives this every day. Since we live in Florida there is always something in the air.

Gary B.

My dog skin is much better, and all the scabs and sores are gone. She also doesn't scratch.

Lanell R.

Healthy Skin for Dogs - Dog Dermatitis, Skin Allergy & Dog Scabs Remedy BestLife4Pets

Healthy Skin & Coat + Dog Fur Regrowth

  • Regrows healthy hair 
  • Nourishes skin 
  • Removes dandruff  
  • Odorless and easy to give!
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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s tough to narrow down on this issue because there are many potential factors that contribute to it. Environmental allergies and seasonal allergies like pollen, dust, feathers, grass, and animal dander can cause your dog’s skin to dry. Parasites like fleas can cause a reaction if your dog is allergic to flea saliva. Bacterial fungal infections can cause a variety of skin related issues. Serious medical disorders like Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism. Certain breeds are prone to a variety of skin conditions. Even changes in the weather can contribute to the issue. It;s a good idea to consult your veterinarian to rule out the more serious disorders.

While brushing and shampoos will keep your dog’s hair clean, you’ll need to put some extra effort into getting a shiny coat. Undercoat rakes can assist with removing the white fluffy undercoat. We also suggest trying our all-natural homeopathic remedy that’s safe for long-term use.

Since amino acids and fatty acids play an important role in growth, make sure that you feed your dog a diet that’s rich in animal protein. Regular exercise also plays an important role in hair growth because it can destress your fur baby and stop balding. You’ll also want to try a skin and hair support supplement.

You’ll need to visit the veterinarian to determine the exact cause of your dog’s skin issues. But it’s most likely due to one of these factors: genetic skin problems, allergic reaction, parasites, or infections.

You can start by making sure that your dog is enjoying a healthy diet that contains digestible proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and essential vitamins. Make sure the diet is tailored to your pet’s particular stage of life- e.g. puppy, adult,or senior. Since stress can also affect your dog’s overall health and hair it’s important to exercise your best friend regularly. Regular grooming also removes loose hair and dead skin cells, and keeps the coat free from dirt and debris. Only use shampoos that are formulated for dogs. And you can also add our all-natural homeopathic remedy to your treatment routine.


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