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Why Cleaning Your Cat's Teeth is Totally Worth the Effort

June 17, 2021

Why Cleaning Your Cat's Teeth is Totally Worth the Effort

Cleaning Your Cat’s Teeth Is More Important Than You May Think

Cats are easy to fall in love with. Undoubtedly, they are cute and their cuddly and friendly nature makes it even easier for you to become obsessed with them. 

However, a part of loving them means that you must also care for them holistically! 

While cats may seem to be very low-maintenance, many people make mistakes regarding their general health. Unfortunately, their dental health is often overlooked. 

Can you imagine that 85% of cats develop periodontal disease by the time they turn two years?

As a cat mom or dad, you’ve got to ensure that you tick the box on all their health and happiness needs. In this blog, you’ll understand why taking care of your feline’s pearly whites is essential and will also discover how to keep them clean and in great health.

The Benefits of Brushing your Cat’s Teeth

1. Prevents Respiratory Infections

Did you know that cats have a high risk of exposure to infections due to the many things that they ingest? Unlike humans, cats cannot distinguish between good and bad food. In some cases, they develop respiratory infections due to frequent exposure to bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Health experts reveal that most cats develop respiratory complications because the bacteria and other microbes in their mouth get inhaled into the lower respiratory system. 

It’s no surprise that more than 70% of the cats brought in for check-ups turn out to have respiratory infections. 

A cat with stomatitis is a clear indication of respiratory illness. One of the significant reasons behind that is that they have poor dental hygiene. 

Have you been noticing your cat developing signs of pneumonia and other symptoms associated with difficulty breathing? Check out their dental health. 

2. Reduces risks of developing tumors

Similar to human beings, pets too can have tumors. Unfortunately, poor dental hygiene can be a contributing factor to a cat developing papillomavirus. This is very similar to the relationship between humans who have poor oral hygiene and human papillomavirus. 

Papillomavirus does not cause aggressive symptoms, but that does not mean it is not harmful. 

Does your cat have lumps around the epithelial locations, especially around the eyes and other mucosal areas? 

If yes, it may be time to take care of your cat’s teeth by enhancing oral hygiene. Thus, it is beneficial to know the signs of papilloma. In cats, papilloma symptoms include plague-like scaly lesions, usually around the eyelids, neck, head, ventral abdomen, and limbs. 

Fortunately, it is possible to permanently eliminate papillomas in cats through surgery. 

3. Encourages Less Snacking

Cats, too, need to maintain a healthy weight. Accumulation of excess body fat is as dangerous to cats as it is to human beings. Typically, cats are considered overweight when they weigh 20% above their standard bodyweight. 

How do you treat an obese cat? First, you must cut down on snacks and treats. One way to achieve that is regularly brushing your cat’s teeth. The reason behind this is that your cat will have a distaste for some snacks just after you brush their teeth. 

More so, this will reduce your cat’s bad eating habits. Keep in mind that snacks should constitute only 10% of your cat’s diet. 

One of the reasons your cat begs for food can be due to the presence of disease. Brushing your cat’s teeth will reduce the cases of developing infections, which indirectly prevents obesity. 

4. Improves General Health

Typically, oral health contributes to general health. As humans, we brush our teeth to rid of bacteria and other microorganisms potentially dangerous to our immunity. This also happens with cats. Additionally, cats have a high capability of harboring harmful bacteria since they do not choose what they eat. 

Cats may at times be moody, and their oral health may be one of the reasons. As humans, poor oral hygiene leads to discomfort due to tartar. Cats are not any different. Your cat’s mood swings may be a consequence of their discomfort regarding oral health. Poor oral hygiene is one of the major causes of repeated infections. 

Your cat’s stomach discomfort is also a sign of poor dental health. Does your cat throw tantrums off late? If so, it may be the perfect time to visit a vet.

5. Prevents Bad Breath

Sure cats are adorable, but that does not mean you have to withstand their bad breath. Pets, including cats, consume a variety of things, some of which can be considered quite nasty. 

If you are a cat owner, it is normal to notice substances stuck between your cat's teeth. These are debris, responsible for the bad breath. It would help if you took care of your cat’s oral health to eliminate unpleasant smells. 

How to Brush your Cats Teeth

The first step to caring for your cat’s health is recognizing a cat's symptoms with poor dental health or stomatitis. 

First, ensure that your pet has no bad breath. Keep in mind that bad breath in cats is not normal. Bad breath at most times means that your cat has an oral infection or other health-related complications. 

Also, check for signs of red or bleeding gums. Most times, red or bleeding gums are signs of oral diseases. Similar to humans, cats too develop inflammation in case of oral infection. Ensure that your cat is not showing any signs of inflammation. Is your cat unable to eat? This might be a sign of infection due to sore gums. 

Also, excessive drooling might point out that your cat has an oral infection.

Cats are not generally familiar with some hygiene routines. According to most statistics, it is easier to familiarize a cat with a specific routine at a younger age. That said, it is crucial to get your cat used to the idea of teeth brushing at a young age. While doing it, it is essential to be gentle. Mostly, cats adapt to some routines when you introduce the activities at a young age.

Use Brushes Designed for Cats’ Oral Health

Cats are delicate. That said, you should use a specific type of brush to care for your cat’s dental health. The human toothbrush is not efficient when it comes to a cat’s teeth. Your fur friend’s toothbrush should be smaller and softer than the standard human toothbrush.

Use Toothpaste Designed for Cats

One of the mistakes often made by pet parents when it comes to their pets is using their own grooming products on them. Using human dental products on your kitty can lead to mouth sores. They can be quite harmful to them. 

Find ways to Brush without the Fuss

Yes, it’s possible! Advancements in pet health care have paved the way for you to take care of your pet’s teeth without the catfight. The best part is that these avenues are also natural and won’t cause any nasty side effects on your pet.

Natural supplements for cats such as our  does quite an amazing job of not only reducing your feline’s plaque build-up but also controls degenerative mouth ailments and a plethora of periodontal diseases. 

Such supplements like this one are tiny and tasteless. They have also been designed to allow you to crush them, dissolve them or place them in their food. Your fur baby won’t even realize that they’ve just got their teeth brushed.

While it is likely that your cat will need dental treatment at some stage of its life, regular dental home care can dramatically improve oral health and reduce the necessity for dental procedures, which can be of benefit to you and your cat.

It’s totally worth the effort! 

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