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Is it Shedding Season for Dogs?

Is it Shedding Season for Dogs?

Spring is in the air! We love seeing the flowers blooming, trees growing back their leaves, and of course we enjoy the warmer weather! With all this though, it also means for some dogs, they will begin to lose large amounts of fur as they seasonally molt and put on their summer coat. Why is it that some dogs lose enough hair to cover a whole person, and why is it seasonal?

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1. Why do dogs shed?

Dogs shedding is a natural process, they lose their fur to make way for new fur to grow. Even the designer “hypoallergenic” dogs shed a bit. Shedding for dogs is just like how we lose hair. It's a way for their bodies to get rid of old fur and make room for new fur. Being aware of your dog’s shedding patterns is important, as health problems, allergy issues, and even stress may cause extra shedding. For most though, there is a shedding season twice a year.

2. Why do some dogs only shed seasonally?

The main season for shedding is March through June for Spring and September through November for fall. Shedding helps dogs stay comfortable in different weather. Some dogs experience seasonal shedding, which happens when the weather changes. When it gets warmer, as in spring and summer, dogs shed their thick winter coats to keep cool. When it gets cooler, like in fall and winter, they grow that cozy fur back in. Some years when we have a surprise heatwave in winter or a chilly spell in summer, it may change their shedding schedule. Double coated dogs are the biggest seasonal shedders. They have an outer coat with long stiff hair and an undercoat of soft hairs to keep them warm.

3. What are the top 10 dog breeds that shed seasonally?

Labrador Retriever

Golden Retriever

German Shepherd

Siberian Husky

Alaskan Malamute

Bernese Mountain Dog

Chow Chow



Australian Shepherd

4. Is There a Good Way to Support Shedding Dogs with Diet and Nutrition?

While seasonal shedding is a natural process, it is always a good idea to help your pup with extra nutritional support. Foods like meats, liver, oily fish such as salmon, and eggs are great for nutritional support for your dogs skin and fur. Check out our BestLife4Pets Healthy Skin & Coat for Dogs - It’s not just for conditions like dermatitis, it helps clear out dead skin cells and keep their coat shiny. Plus, it helps aging skin and restores elasticity naturally, with our plant and mineral formula.

5. What is the Best Way to Manage Shedding During Shedding Season for Dogs?

1. Brush Brush Brush:

Brush your dog often during shedding season. There are great brushes and tools to help remove the loose fur. Removing the shedding fur helps to prevent it from matting and tangling.

2. Give your pup a bath:

Be sure to give regular baths (at least weekly for shedding dogs) using a natural shampoo designed for dogs. This helps remove loose fur and keeps their coat clean and healthy.

3. Minimize the mess:

During dog shedding season, your home may feel overwhelming with loose fur! Be sure to vacuum and sweep often to minimize the amount of loose fur in your home. Keep a lint roller handy for clothes and chairs.

4. Treat your pup to a spa day:

Taking your dog to a professional groomer every now and then can be a great idea, especially when they're shedding a bunch. They will get a fancy makeover and get rid of the extra fur from dog shedding season.

During springtime, it is also dog shedding season as our dogs transition to their lighter summer coat. So, while we enjoy the beauty of spring, let's remember to give our furry friends some extra care during this time, helping them stay comfortable and ready for the sunny days ahead!


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