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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Pets

dog posing for a mug shot with guilty of love sign

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your beloved pet is an extra special treat. Whether you're single or partnered up, having a pet in your life can up the ante of compassion, love, and nurturing on all levels.
So when February 14 rolls in make sure your fur baby is on the list to get some special gifts and extra adoration. After all, a pet provides unconditional love and never judges you or worries about the things humans tend to stress on or wishes they could ride in a fancy new car.

Instead, your pet loves you for who you are and the care you offer to them day in and day out. They stick by your side. They know who's boss -- in some cases, they might be the boss of you, but that's what you happily signed up for -- and your pet surely responds to your cues of discipline and guidance for their long and healthy life.

Therefore, when it comes to Valentine's Day ideas for spending this special day with your four-legged companion – we have lots of tips for how to make this the best Valentine's ever.

puppy and kitten cuddling

Valentine's Day Ideas for Pets

dog and cat on valentines

The instant the red-laden creative marketing hits the stands at all major retail outlets, whether online or storefront, is the moment it's time to think about this very extraordinary day that Americans love to celebrate. Most lovers express their affection with chocolates, greeting cards, unique gifts, and possibly an engagement. But in the pet world, Valentine's Day ideas for pets usually revolve around food, fun (toys) and adventure.

Need some help to decide what's right for your fur baby, check out some great gift ideas below.

Top Pet Gift Ideas

  • Buying or making their favorite treat
  • Going for a new adventure in the car
  • A fun toy that will keep them occupied and engaged for hours
  • A new collar or fancy sweater (if you live in northern climates)
  • A special trip or a day playing at the dog park
  • Walking with a pawed friend while you catch up with your own human friend
  • For finicky cats, a favorite food that you're sure they will love
  • Outdoor time in the sunshine
  • An introduction to new and tasty, nutritious food
  • For dogs, a chance to lick up food remnants from your plate or the pan you cooked from
  • A new cushy and comfortable bed or blanket
  • For cats, a new scratchy surface that appeals to their claws
  • A long hike in the woods or forest, or a long stroll on the beach
  • For water-prone dogs, a swim in the lake or ocean or pool
  • A fresh and aromatic bath
  • A grooming session or spa day with their favorite technician or healer
  • Get a pet portrait done or dress them up and take some fun photos of both of you

Each of the above can be tailored to your location or type of pet, however, as you know your fur baby best, do whatever makes your dog or cat feel the magic of the day. They have incredible sensory awareness and know when you’ve gone out of your way to make Valentine’s Day special for them. Keep it simple, yet fun.

To make sure that the holiday goes without a hitch make certain you adhere to a few pet safety guidelines as well.

Pet Safety on Valentine's Day

Just as the Fourth of July can be traumatic for your pet, so too can Valentine's Day. The meaning of this day is one of romance and love, yet for your four-legger, it also means Valentine's Day pet safety. There are some do's and don’ts when it comes to treats and introducing new foods or even toys. For your best companion, follow some basic guidelines on how to keep them safe and healthy especially if you try new things or foods.

For instance, if you plan to go all out for your pet's happiness on Valentine's Day, make certain you speak with a pet store professional who understands the ins and outs of every cat or dog toy and can help you read food labels and discern what's good and what's not okay to feed your beloved animal. Remember, pets are loyal, they make you laugh, and they are always there when you need them. So take extra care while you're combing the aisles at pet stores as not all Valentine’s Day gifts and treats are safe for your fur baby.

caucasian pet owner feeding her tricolor puppy

Watch out for dogs and chocolate treats -- a fatal combination that will have your best friend getting ill and possibly needing to take a trip to the vet. Be extra careful with leaving cats outside when there are known predators in the area or environmental dangers that can hurt them. Check out our blog on Winter Pet Safety to keep both your kitty and your pup safe outdoors. Show vigilance on your dog walks by being mindful of leashing and picking up after your pet, while also enjoying letting your dog bound in nature when appropriate. And finally, read food labels or toy cautions to ensure your dog or cat doesn't ingest any ingredients that aren't agreeable to their systems or have your cat play with a toy, plant, or flowers that may harm them over the long haul.

Valentine's day pet safety is all about responsibility, awareness, and paying extra attention to fine details when purchasing treats, foods, a new toy, or taking your pet to a location that's unfamiliar.

Now that we’ve discussed some safety rules for your pet, let’s get into some specific gift ideas for your special pup or kitty cat.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Dog 

Admit it, the real love of your life is your dog. Those furry muzzles appear in social media posts all over the world and bring about smiles and warm feelings to those who read your Instagram or Facebook message. Dogs are amazing, and not just because they are loyal, adorable, and make you laugh.

Dogs bring light into your life. Dogs are the balm to your heart and soul. Dogs have a way of occupying your thoughts when you're at work or on a vacation away from them, or whenever you experience stressful times. Your canine love has proven itself to help you live a happier, healthier, and less stressful life.

So, by now you are probably wondering ...
‘What can I do with my dog on Valentine's Day? 

dog eating treats

While it may seem unreasonable to gift your four-legged love with flowers, it's never too late to sing them a song, bake them a special treat (check out these great DIY easy to make dog treats), or take them on a "scent" walk. Even just snuggling up together and hanging out the entire Valentine's Day makes their heads tilt with curiosity -- especially if you talk or sing to them and watch how they listen -- and let them experience tiny triumphs moment by moment. Dogs have long memories, but they are also masters of living it up at the moment, so why not create a new experience for them that leaves a lasting impression on you, them, and your Instagram channel

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Cat

Cats are beguiling creatures and have a way about them that means love in an empathetic way. They are healers and know when you've had a rough day. The way a feline approaches you as you enter your home is one of tenderness and intrinsic knowledge of your feelings. That being said, your cat on Valentine's Day needs to experience the ALL of you.

A few ideas to celebrate your cat on Valentine's Day can look like this:

1. Bake them their favorite treat
2. Create an epic cat forte out of old boxes. If you’re not sure how to check out this easy to follow cat cardboard box fort video
3. Cook a fancy feast for both of you
4. Have a new toy night with some of their favorite toys
5. Dance and play around to music and watch how they respond

Always know that your cat makes the purrfect date on Valentine's Day -- or any day, for that matter.

cat eating treats

The Final Word From Your Dog and Cat

Whether you share your life with a dog or a cat, there's no denying that your heart is engrossed in their every move and in making their lives better. Sure, you spoil them. That's the beauty of spending your days with your chosen pet and worrying about their safety or making sure they have the best of everything. Picking out the perfect present for your fur companion shows how much you love them. Seeing their response brings you just as much joy as it does them.

dog bitting a rose

Valentine's Day gifts for your pet don’t have to be extravagant or expensive; with a few creative or silly ideas, you can give your four-legged companion the best Valentine’s Day ever. After all, if you ask your fur baby, they'll probably say that all they want is your attention and your love.

As the real masters of unconditional love, your pets deserve the utmost in celebration on Cupid's Day – and every day.

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