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Immunity Boost for Dogs - 450 Pills

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Strengthen your dog's immune and respiratory systems and boost their immune defenses to help speed up recovery and lessen symptoms of kennel cough, wheezing, sniffles, runny nose, cold and flu.

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Product Information

Strengthen your dog's immune and respiratory systems and boost their immune defenses to help speed up recovery and lessen symptoms of kennel cough, wheezing, sniffles, runny nose, cold and flu.

Does your normally playful dog seem more lethargic than usual?
Dogs are naturally active creatures, with enough energy to run around and play all day. But like humans, constant exposure to allergens such as pollen, dust, and environmental pollutants can quickly weaken your doggy's immune system. This may result in lower energy levels and increased susceptibility to diseases.

There are many immune-boosting supplements that can help, but some of these contain chemicals or alcohol that can cause adverse side effects. If you are in need of a natural and easy-to-administer immune-enhancing solution for your dog, this supplement is the answer.

Boost your dog's immune defenses with the BestLife4Pets Immunity Boost for Dogs.

Restore your dog's vitality with these easy-to-swallow pills. Each pill contains natural plant extracts that work together in strengthening the immune system, helping protect against allergens, irritants, and environmental stressors that can weaken your beloved pet.

This non-GMO health supplement is safe to be consumed by your pet every day. It does not contain any synthetic chemicals, preservatives, gluten, sugars, or alcohols that can be harmful to your furry friend.

Not sure if this supplement will suit your cute puppy or large terrier? This supplement is perfect for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes:

  • Small (25lbs) - 3 to 5 pellets once a day
  • Medium (25 to 60lbs) - 5 to 7 pellets twice a day
  • Large (over 60lbs) - 5 to 10 pellets thrice a day<

Here are more reasons to love this supplement:
🐶 May be safely taken with other medicine
🐶 Won't cause drowsiness or nausea
🐶 Perfect for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes

Keep your dog's immune defenses strong at all times.

Add the BestLife4Pets Immunity Boost for Dogs to you cart TODAY!


dosage for dog medicine

See dosage or consult with a Homeopathic veterinarian. 

Mix pellets in with wet or dry dog food. If your pet won’t eat the pellets whole, then crush them and mix with food. Pellets can also be dissolved in a bit of water and given to your dog to drink.

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26 reviews for Immunity Boost for Dogs - 450 Pills

Based on 26 reviews

Customer Images

Image #1 from Dmitry Aybinder
Image #2 from Vlad Sheyd
Image #3 from leon vesnovsky
Image #1 from Dmitry Aybinder

Dmitry Aybinder

My pittie is a rescue and has had a weak constitution since day one, but the last few months he seemed to have worsened. He was so lethargic he was barely able to move. His breathing also got so shallow that I had to check every few minutes to see if he was still breathing. We couldn't take him to a vet what with the pandemic so as a last resort decided to try these Immunity Boost pills. The amazing thing is that just after a few days he seemed to be breathing better. We are now two weeks in and he is up and walking about. He's not out of the woods yet, but now I have hope that he'll be ok.

Image #2 from Vlad Sheyd

Vlad Sheyd

My 4 year old Labradoodle Rocky is not a big fan of going to the kennel. Every time I go away and have to leave him at the doggy daycare he gets all nervous and then comes back home wheezing and coughing. He seems to pickup the slightest illness from other dogs and then he's suffering for weeks. I get why the call it kennel cough but it's really a problem as I have to travel for work and end up having to leave him at the kennel about once a month. He's been great since I've been staying home for a few months now, but that almost made it worse when I recently had to leave him again. I heard about this company from a friend and decided to try their Pet Relax calming spray and Immune support remedies. I am happy to say that he was much calmer then I expected going to the kennel and when I got back he just had a bit of a runny nose but otherwise was fine. Seems like the medicine helped keep him strong so he didn't get as sick. Glad I was able to find something that works.

Image #3 from leon vesnovsky

leon vesnovsky

This really helped reduce the itch. My Corgi suffers from severe allergies and recurring yeast infections. We tried different medication before but it just made her yeast infection worse so we stopped. Our vet suggested a probiotic to help build up her immune system so we got that but I bought other stuff from this seller before and was very happy with the results so I though why not try their immunity boost too. In just a short time I noticed that the yeasty smell is gone and she is itching much less. Another great product!

Image #1 from Dmitry Aybinder
Image #2 from Vlad Sheyd
Image #3 from leon vesnovsky
  1. Richard Burgener (verified owner)

    I have been giving this product to my dog for about a month now and I have seen a lot of improvement in her health. She's had a lot of respiratory issues in years past and has had pneumonia several times. She has a recurrent cough that always seems to come back, even after antibiotics. My vet said that small breeds like hers often have weak immune systems so I decided to try this product along with the Breathe Easy respiratory support. So far this month her energy is much better and her cough has only been occasional. I hope the change is here to stay and that this isn't just a temporary thing. Either way I've seen a big difference this month and I will definitely keep her on this long term to boost her Immunity!

  2. Anna Wilson (verified owner)

    She has improved in over all health in so many ways. She plays, runs, and just a complete different beautiful happy puppy. Would recommend this product to all animal owner's and lovers

  3. Pen D. (verified owner)

    My female great Dane picked up an infection after her first litter due to her immune system being compromised by the puppies. She was losing fur and was very skinny. After the pups were weaned off her completely we took her to the Vet and got treatment started and got her back to a healthy weight. Unfortunately i was not able to get my male fixed before she went into heat again. So this time I decided to try a supplement to help my girls immune system so the infection wouldn't come back. So i bought this product. The manufacturer said it could be used on pregnant dogs but I didn't want to chance it so I didn't start giving her this product until the pups were 3 to 4 weeks old and were only nursing once or twice a day (these pups grew fast) I also only gave Half the recommended dose for a dog her size (120lbs) and only twice a day. The rash did come back but only one or two bumps at first and then when I ran out of the supplement it slowly got worse. Her weight never decreased and even though the rash came back her fur isn't falling out. I whole heartedly believe that had I given a full dose and continued to give it to her that the rash would have gone away with out the use of medication from the vet. On a side note all the pups were very healthy and strong i don't know if thats because they got a little of this from mom or if they just have good genetics, but i would say that in small doses this is safe for use on nursing dogs

  4. ANASTASIA STALEY (verified owner)

    Incredible but true! it reduced a lot of shedding at home. I have 2 dogs and it was very difficult to deal with all that shedding. Now it's not so bad. They still shed as they should but much more less, their skin is better and their fur shinier. Thanks!

  5. Judi Lambert (verified owner)

    LOVED this product. I was having a really hard time beating a nasty case of giardia and coccidia that our pup had come from the breeder with (we are talking months...) A naturopathic vet told me to boost her immune system and she would be able to fight it. I used this and honest kitchen probiotics and we beat it really quickly. The western vet tested her multiple times because she refused to believe we had beat it. She insisted she would have it for the rest of her life- I refused to accept this. I'm glad i did my research and kept at it... Time to switch vets!

  6. Khristy (verified owner)

    Worked great for my dog and helped him to fight off a recurring cold he has been battling with for quiet some time.

  7. Allen C. Briard (verified owner)

    More senior puppy has a multitude of problems.. tried everything. Since taking this he is up and doing stairs!

  8. GI Jane (verified owner)

    I crunched up and mixed with can dog food. No issues. Pkgd nicely and arrived on time.

  9. Shanna Fox (verified owner)

    I'm using this together with the Healthy Skin and Allergy for dogs and it seems to be helping our pooch get over her skin allergies. No problem getting her to eat it when I put it on her food.

  10. Meredith (verified owner)

    Got this for my 5 yo Beagle who has been itching and scratching like crazy. He has an auto-immune disease so we are always careful of any change in him. When he started shaking his head and scratching his ears non stop we figured it was either allergies, ticks or an ear infection but either way we wanted to get it taken care of quickly. Well, we couldn't get to the vet fast enough so decided to try this Immunity for dogs the meantime and boy were we amazed at the results. After just a few days, he stopped itching and seems to be doing great. Great product and fantastic customer service. Will continue to use it to keep his immune system strong.

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what is the difference between Immunity Boost for Dogs, and Breath Easy respiratory support for dogs, and can they take both at the same time. Joyce F. asked on August 11, 2021
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