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WALK-EASY Extra Strength Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief

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Provides a safe and natural anti inflammatory and pain management solution for dogs with both chronic and acute arthritis and joint pain. 

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Product Information

Provides a safe and natural anti inflammatory and pain management solution for dogs with both chronic and acute arthritis and joint pain. WALK-EASYTM Extra Strength joint and hip supplement for dogs increases overall mobility, playfulness and agility while helping with post-surgery recovery, arthritis, ACL tears, and more.
Great for large dogs or those with advanced issues.

Help to keep your dog limber, active and stay right by your side whether you are doing agility training or just going for a walk with your older dog 

Even when you take the best care of them, joint pain and arthritis often affects dogs as they age;  younger pets can also sustain an injury such as a leg sprain or a torn acl. The hardest thing for a pet parent is watching your beloved pet not being able to get up the stairs, have their legs give out from under them during a stroll, or get injured running in the park. You don't have to let them suffer - you can put a stop to your pet's pain fast.

Our WALK-EASYTM  Extra Strength natural pain away remedy for dogs goes to work by providing swift acting anti-inflammatory joint and hip pain relief. Utilizing a powerful and well established blend of natural homeopathic remedies, the WALK-EASYTM  Extra Strength dog joint supplement provides a safe and natural pain management solution for tender and inflamed joints, aching knees and back pain, and stiff muscles. This joint medicine is ideal for loving pet owners looking to help their dog by ...

  • Improving overall mobility and comfort level
  • Providing pain management for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Muscular Rheumatism
  • Managing High Uric Acid levels
  • Aiding dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, a luxating patella or a torn CCL
  • Shortening post-surgery recovery time 

This holistic joint supplement for dogs works wonders on both senior pets as well as normally active dogs suffering from an underlying condition or injury. Get WALK-EASYTM   Extra Strength today and  help them run and play with youthful energy again.

active dog increased mobility playfulness no more pain

A powerful joint supplement that is gentle on your dog's system

Unlike regular vitamins and supplements such as glucosamine, chondroitin and others that only address the physical symptoms, WALK-EASYTM Extra Strength Joint and Hip pain relief formula is unique in that it works at the physical as well as the emotional and energy levels to  bring harmony and balance to the body and mind in order to restore your dog's energy level, playfulness, agility and overall happiness and disposition. 

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use small pills are odorless, tasteless and easy to hide in food 
  • Plant and mineral based formula has no chemicals or artificial ingredients
  • All-natural ingredients won't leave your pet suffering any nasty side-effects
  • Good for all domesticated animal breeds from young to old
  • Safe for use after surgery or along side any other medicines or diets
  • Gluten and GMO free
happy dog and woman worry free no side effects all natural plants and minerals

Worry free pain relief for all dogs

Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) can help your pup feel better, but unfortunately too often they leave your dog with painful side-effects like diarrhea or vomiting. And many of the pet supplements on the market contain artificial flavors, preservatives or chemicals that are not good for your dog. 
With WALK-EASYTM Extra Strength joint pain relief you don't need to worry anymore. Now you can feel good giving your fur baby this all natural remedy knowing that it is safe for all your pets.

Unlike traditional medicines that use synthetic or chemical ingredients, our formulas are derived 100% from refined dilutions of plants, minerals, and other natural substances. Our advanced formula is made to human standards using only the highest quality ingredients that won't leave your dog suffering any nasty side effects, and no mess for you to clean up.

Easy to use pills for even the pickiest pets

Let's face it, getting your pet to willingly take their medication can be a nightmare. The answer is to use these tiny, odorless and easy to swallow pills that can be given to dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. You can easily put them right in your dog's mouth or mix it in with their food or a favorite treat.  

dog eating no fuss easy to take pills walk-easy extra strength

The pills have no fake bacon or other artificial taste so your dog won't turna way if they don't like the flavor; they won't even know they are taking them!Even picky pups can now get the pain relief they need fast.


WALK-EASYTM Extra Strength Joint and Hip pain relief remedy is a unique and proprietary formulation of well established homeopathic remedies comprised of select flowers, plants and cell salts selected for their proven effectiveness in reducing inflammation, supporting joint movement, and providing fast acting pain relief for both acute as well as chronic hip and joint canine problems.


Ammonium Phos D3, Bryonia D4, Caulophyllum D3, Colchicum D2, Ledum Pal D3, Rhus Tox d2, Urtica Uren d2


See the Chart below for recommended Dosage for your pet, or consult a Homeopathic veterinarian.

BestLife4Pets WALK-EASY Extra Strength Dog Joint Support Dosage Chart


Give directly in mouth or mix pills with dog food.
If your pet won’t eat the pills whole, then crush them and mix with food. Pills can also be placed inside a treat or pill pocket.
For continuous relief throughout the day, pills can also be dissolved in a bit of water in your pet’s water bowl.


Since no two pets are the same, we’ve developed an extensive line of products that target a wide array of ailments your dog may be suffering from. In addition, since your pet can't tell you exactly what's wrong, each remedy addresses several related issues, such as inflammation, swelling, and stiffness that are causing your pet pain, in order to provide all encompassing relief. 

If your pet is struggling with their health, chances are we’ve got a 100% natural and effective solution that will help target their condition.


It's not only senior dogs that can experience leg, knee, elbow or back pain; normal daily exercise and regular activity cause the cartilage to become thinner, making the joints stiffer and less flexible. On top of that, pets of all ages, sizes and breeds can sustain injuries,
sprains and CCL tears that leave them limping and sore. That's why they need WALK-EASYTM Extra Strength Joint and Hip pain relief for dogs. Especially perfect for larger dogs or those with chronic pain, WALK-EASYTM Extra Strength dog joint supplement doesn't just mask the symptoms but works on the cause of the discomfort to provide lasting pain relief and improved mobility. 


We are a family of proud pet owners on a mission to help pets live happier lives.
In fact, helping all pets be healthy and active so they can spend many fun and happy years with the humans that love them is our top priority. That is why at BestLife4Pets we pride our selves on developing formulas that provide a gentle yet powerful solution to a wide array of health concerns without the negative side effects commonly found with traditional medicine.

We’ve worked hard to develop formulas that provide a positive experience for pet and owner alike,
because keeping your pet healthy shouldn’t have to be difficult!


127 reviews for WALK-EASY Extra Strength Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief

Based on 127 reviews

Customer Images

Image #1 from Adrian Miro
Image #2 from Amanda Ulber
Image #3 from Denise Lee
Image #4 from Lee
Image #5 from Melanie D
Image #1 from Adrian Miro

Adrian Miro

Works just as good as the prescription medicine but alot less monthly cost. Thank you.

Image #2 from Amanda Ulber

Amanda Ulber

I cant lie or exaggerate but this little tiny pill is magic and has saved my little dogs life. Ms. Cami Cambronne is a hurricane Katrina rescue from New Orleans found by me 09/13/05 on Cambronne St. Jefferson Parish. 14 years later, shes blind, shes deaf and suffering from arthritis. Her quality-of-life was absolutely in the dumps this summer and I was considering that maybe it was her time. After doing extensive research I realized that arthritis was one of the top reasons why dogs are put down prematurely and after clipping her nails regularly, giving her massages and this pill twice a day my babys tail is wagging, shes more involved in the family again and shes running and I can see her going strong for another year or two now! I am beyond thankful for this pill and the quality of life its brought back to my sweet fat head squish bucket fruit bat baby girl ??

Image #3 from Denise Lee

Denise Lee

Our 12+yr old 45lb mutt started limping badly about 6 months ago, and her activities were winding down and she was getting pretty snappy with our 2yo 65lb border collie mutt. We tried Rimadyl, but long term NSAIDs are not really a good option. Somehow we found this homeopathic remedy and gave it a try! She still limps, though not as bad, and is back to playing hard with the kid and we remarked she can outrun him again! We never tried the regular strength version so can't comment on if that would work for her. But to keep our old girl as vigorous as ever (!!) I guess we're committed to this product. Amazing!

Image #4 from Lee


Ordered for my 12 year old boy. Seems to work great for him. He was having trouble standing up at times but now has been able to run around some more with our other dogs.

Image #5 from Melanie D

Melanie D

My dog was having trouble with here hip and I ordered this to try. She is getting around so much better and doesn't seem to have pain. I will definitely order again.

Image #6 from Sam


My 9 year old golden mix had surgery on one back leg when she was 2 for a torn tendon, then approximately 1 year ago she was running and playing with my German Shepherd puppy and partially torn the tendon in her other leg. For a while I was giving her the pain meds from the vet, but realized I did not want to keep her on them the rest of her life because they would cause other issues internally. My daughter is a Naturopath Doctor and suggested I look for something holistic. I found this and LOVE it, my dog is acting like her old self again. She was literally dragging her leg and would not put any weight on it, and we had to help her walk (I was in tears thinking she was is such pain). She walks and even trots, although I try to hold her back from running full out - she even sneaks that in once in a while. We do not have to help her at all anymore. I use this in combination with the hemp glucosamine/chondroitin supplements (which she has been on for a few years now), and I cannot be happier. I will continue to give her this supplement for the rest of her life since I know it is totally safe. THANK YOU WALK EASY!!!

Image #7 from Karen Van

Karen Van

My dog is 10 yo. I give her just one pill a day with treat and it seems to help. No more limping coming down on stairs. I think i will increase the dose if she looks like shes in pain

Image #8 from Rita Lavin

Rita Lavin

My dog has a torn ACL, the vet recommended surgery but the projected cost and recovery was out of the question. The medication they prescribed helped minimally. After 2 weeks on this product, she had no limping and was walking normally! After a month, she’s running around the yard again.

Image #1 from Adrian Miro
Image #2 from Amanda Ulber
Image #3 from Denise Lee
Image #4 from Lee
Image #5 from Melanie D
Image #6 from Sam
Image #7 from Karen Van
Image #8 from Rita Lavin
  1. Jim V Corriere

    Small tablets that are easy to feed to my dog in his vegan meatballs. This medication seems to ease his arthritis in his shoulders and the consequential pain that follows. A large supply of tablets for the price, enough for 45 days of consumption (two tablets per day).

  2. Joy Volter (verified owner)

    This product is amazing. I've been giving my pup 2 pills in her dinner which I think is half as much as a could give her and she's back to running around and playing like a puppy. Before taking this medicine she could barely get off the floor, and that was WITH the Flexadin Advanced with UC-II that my vet recommended. My dog is so much happier. I will definitely be purchasing this again!!!

  3. Walden (verified owner)

    He's about 13 yrs old with arthritis in front right leg I have purchased several bottle thru Amazon. I received a coupon from this company for 50% off. Each time I try to use it, it says it is not correct. I would think that you could give a valid discount for my purchases. The product does work. I cut back on the dosage. My dog was sleeping a lot. Now he is more alert.

  4. Leah (verified owner)

    My dog is only a year old and has already been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. He’s still a young pup and I hate seeing him in pain and acting like a much older dog. I waited a few weeks to write this review as I wanted to see how this dog hip and joint medicine would work, but after only a few weeks he is back to acting like a rambunctious pup again. Yesterday he chased a squirrel all around our yard and wasn’t even limping at the end. The pills are tiny and really easy to give, I just sprinkle them on top of his food and he gobbles them up no problem. He’s usually really picky with medicine and supplements so this is a real treat. Love the product and the customer service has been top notch - you can tell they really care about your dog.

  5. Michelle leon (verified owner)

    Much easier to give just two tablets per dose than 8-10 for larger dogs. The stuff works well. It's certainly worth a try.

  6. Debbie Lorris (verified owner)

    I have been giving this product to my Boston Terrier for more than a year now. I ordered it because he started having extreme pain to where he couldn't walk and if I tried to pick him up he would yelp. I put him on Walk Easy at the recommendation of a friend. Within a month, he no longer seemed to be in pain and he has not had any pain or difficulty walking since I started using. He is always ready and eager to go for a walk or run around the yard and shows no signs of slowing down now. This stuff is awesome.

  7. Marie (verified owner)

    My dog is 10 yo. I give her just one pill a day with treat and it seems to help. No more limping coming down on stairs. I think i will increase the dose if she looks like she’s in pain

  8. Mike Meissinger (verified owner)

    Worked in a week. Stomach Tolerance and 0 side effects. Seeing my vet late May so far so good.

  9. Anna Coughlin (verified owner)

    My dog does so much better on her arthritis and joint pain relief regime. Very happy I tried it! I'll be ordering it again for sure!

  10. Tracey Klein (verified owner)

    Bella is a 12 year old Border colley mix adopted from the animal shelter at 6 months. She was diagnosed with a congenital hip dysplasia by my vet. It didn't seem to bother her too much until the last couple of years when she started having problems getting up and walking and was in pain, signified by panting. With the Walkeasy and CBD she is better, more pain free.

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Q & A

What is the difference between the regular and this extra strength? Martha asked on August 11, 2021
The WALK-EASY Extra Strength hip and joint remedy is a stronger version of the WALK-EASY pain relief formula. This remedy is useful for dogs who have more severe arthritis or joint pain and for dog owners who want to give their dogs fewer pills at once. If WALK-EASY is not doing enough for your dog, we would suggest you try WALK-EASY Extra Strength. BestLife4Pets answered on August 11, 2021 store managerstore manager
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Would this product interfere/conflict with any prescription medication (Previcox) and/or Glucosamine Chondroitin w/Turmeric? My dog will be 13 in October and we were told she has arthritis and sometimes she walks okay and other times her back legs are wobbly and weak. Would this product help that problem and can it be used with the products/medication previously mentioned? Thank you! Kathy asked on August 11, 2021
Hi Kathy, thank you for asking about our WALK-EASY Arthritis and Joint Support remedy for dogs. The WALK-EASY remedy is designed to help eliviate arthritis pain and reduce inflammation in the joints so it should help your dog have greater mobility and less stiffness and joint pain which will help with the wobbling and walking. In addition, all our remedies are 100% natural and have no contra-indications, meaning that they will not interfere with any prescription medicine, supplement or special diet. The only recommendation is not to use the medicine and this remedy at the same time but at least 30 minutes apart from each other. BestLife4Pets answered on August 11, 2021 store managerstore manager
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On this site for extra strength hip and arthritis pain reliever. It says 2 pills 3 times per day. But on the bottle it says. Take 3 pills 3times per day. Which one is it?. Thank you Gary J. asked on August 11, 2021
Hi, for the Extra Strength WALK-EASY remedy you only need to give 2 pills. The regular strength remedy will require 3 pills. Please check that you have the correct remedy. BestLife4Pets answered on August 11, 2021 store managerstore manager
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