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Urinary Tract Infection and Kidney Support Remedy for Cats (450 Pills)

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Natural UTI treatment for cats reduces frequency of urinary infections and involuntary leakage so that your kitty stays inside the litter box.

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Product Information

Natural UTI treatment for cats reduces frequency of urinary infections and involuntary leakage so that your kitty stays inside the litter box.
Helps to reduce removes toxins, provides support to the bladder function, and improves overall renal health.

This all natural homeopathic plant based formula contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients, is easy to give your pet and will not causes any unwanted side-effects. Don't let your kitty suffer the pain and indignation of leaks, and involuntary dribbles another day!

Key Benefits:
  • Helps flush out kidney stones, relieves inflammation associated with urinary tract infections and strengthens helps prevent kidney failure 
  • Reduces colic pain and frequency of infections - without the need for expensive antibiotics
  • Easy to use and all natural - no chemicals, no odors, no side-effects
  • Safe for all cat breeds from young to old
  • Can be used safely with other medicines or special diets
  • Gluten and GMO free

Berberis Vulg Ø, Cantharis D2, Epigeae Rep D1, Hydrangea D1, Pareira Brava D2, Rubia Tinc D1, Sarsaprilla D2


For Cats the dosage is 2-3 pills 2 times a day (twice a day) or as prescribed by a Homeopathic veterinarian.
Mix pellets in with wet or dry cat food. If your pet won’t eat the pellets whole, then crush them between two spoons and mix with food. Pellets can also be dissolved in a bit of water and given to your cat to drink.


103 reviews for Urinary Tract Infection and Kidney Support Remedy for Cats (450 Pills)

Based on 103 reviews

Customer Images

Image #1 from Sam Baughman
Image #1 from Sam Baughman

Sam Baughman

I chose this product as a last ditch effort to treat Sissys chronic uti/urinary issues, as I could no longer afford the expensive vet visits (over $1200 in 6 months) & was considering rehoming her so she could receive proper care for the issue, which is r/t chronic stress & anxiety. There are so many products, but I chose this because it said there was almost no flavor or smell (this kitty can detect & subsequently not eat food w/medicine in it). I truly didn't believe she wouldn't notice it, but to my surprise I was able to crush it & put it in her wet food & she ate it no problem. 5 days into the treatment of 3 pills 2x day she stopped peeing on my clothes, started using litter box, & actually peeing more than a few drops. She still was going frequently though. Now it's been 3 weeks & I'm amazed, she's able to pee what I'd consider to be a normal amount, she's playing again, & I've been able to decrease her cbd dose too (used for chronic anxiety). This product is worth it! I'll definitely be purchasing again, as she'll be on this indefinitely considering her chronic issues. So thankful I tried this, I have my cat back!

Image #1 from Sam Baughman
  1. Wanda W. (verified owner)

    My cat had to be spayed at 9 yes old. About one month after being spayed she had a UTI and all of that costed a lot of money that I didn't have. I ordered this product hoping it would keep her from going to the vet with another UTI. So far this product has worked and I will be buying more. Thank you.

  2. James L. Young (verified owner)

    We started giving our kiddo (cat) this homeopathic remedy within about 10 days he started straining with he pee again however it wasn't red (bloody) this went on for about 2-3 weeks. Yes, he started peeing in other areas, not in the letterbox (grr) but he is not swollen in his lower abdomen anymore and doing very well! This is a good product in my mind, have tried others and they for a lack of a better term, suck! Definitely recommended.

  3. Mary Ann (verified owner)

    Has helped my 20 year cat so much with her kidney & UTI’s. I crush them up in a tsp of water & syringe to her. She’s had utis through out her life. As she’s older now I could tell her kidneys were getting weak. I had been using pet well being for kidneys for some months but it doesn’t help with uti. I had some left of this & after the first dose made a difference ! I ordered another bottle of this too. It really works ! This has been a life savor. I hope they never stop making this urinary tract and kidney formula !

  4. Samantha Grange (verified owner)

    Again my friend's young cat almost lost his life a few years ago when he developed a UTI blockage that resulted in him having to be in the cat I see you for a couple of days with a complete blockage from crystals! He is not fond of drinking water nor is he fond of his prescription UTI wet and dry food and that's hard to regulate when you have a multi-cat household so I thought it was wise for her to have a product that she could administer strictly to winston! I also like the fact of using something more natural and homeopathic so this is something that I have been getting for Winston for several months now and she has much success with it. She said it's very easy to use. Uses it several times a day like five drops in his mouth. He doesn't cringe at the taste and he knows when he gets his little liquid UTI support afterwards he'll get a special treat

  5. Emma Royston-Cole (verified owner)

    My male cat was urinationing all over the place, and sometimes there were dark yellow spots in the urine. After doing some research, that led me to BestLife4Pets homeopathic remedy, I figured why not give it a try before forcing my cat to another unwanted vet trip.

    We have been taking the minimum dosage for 2 weeks now and he seems to be all better! He doesn’t unlrinate all over the house anymore and is back in the litter box!

  6. Kat Jorman (verified owner)

    This helped my cat so much. He was not peeing at all. He didn't eat for several days. I started him on these little tiny pills. within a few days he was feeling much better. The pills are so tiny it is very easy to give to your furry baby. I gave him 2 pills a day with a apple cider vinegar. Save yourself a vet visit if you are sure your cat has Struvite Crystals. I knew something was wrong right away. I went to the vet and they charge me $140 just to tell me he had urine problems. They wanted to do more test for another $500!! Are you kidding me! Did my research and found these amazing little pills and believe me they work!!

  7. Janice Klein (verified owner)

    Have to sneak the pebble in a treat the cat will not eat it unless I hide it in the treat. But seemed to work almost immediately.

  8. Lyte (verified owner)

    My 10 months old cat was constantly going to the toilet and only drops came out. After a few days I could see he is feeling better. It seems to have helped him quickly. I would recommend this

  9. Angie D. Metcalf (verified owner)

    My 18-year-old cat had UTI a couple of years ago and we spent close to $1000 and almost lost her. Recently I noticed that she wasn’t urinating well again. I happened to see this product on Amazon and gave it a try before I took her to the vet. The product came quickly and I gave her 3 tablets immediately and another 3 tablets 12 hours later. She stopped spending time in her litter box right after the second dose. I gave 3 tablets 2 more times and the size of clumps in the litter box were back to normal. I dropped the dosage to 2 tablets starting today(day 3) and she seems to be doing fine. This is the best UTI treatment so far. We will continue using it to help my cat.

  10. Mary Bolton (verified owner)

    I am absolutely grateful for this product! This product, combined with a kidney rejuvenate liquid drop, has literally baught my 15 year old cat, who has renal disease, time. She has soft fur again, she has gained her weight back, her bio pukes have been cut down TREMENDOUSLY. She is more alert than our other, younger, cats. She wants to eat and looks forward to eating. She is on special prescription food, recommended by our vet. However, I truly feel that that special food alone was not enough! She was still puking at least once a week, until we added this product and now she is puking every 3 to 4 weeks...if that!! She seems to be coping much better and is enjoying her life. She was literally on deaths door before we started this regimen. THANK U!! Our hearts were breaking several months ago. We thought we would have to say goodbye and not now. We get to enjoy more quality time. This is a WONDERFUL product! I will continue purchasing.

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Q & A

How big are the pills? Can I pill my cat with it and not mix in food? Sue asked on August 11, 2021
Hi, the pills are really tiny and you can absolutely give it directly to your cat or put it in a pill pocket. Some picky felines do manage to spit out the pills in which case you can give it with a treat or crush them into powder and give via syringe or mixed with food. If you have any other questions or have feedback for us on what worked for your kitty cat, please let us know. Viktoria at BestLife4Pets BestLife4Pets answered on August 11, 2021 store managerstore manager
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My cat had crystal blockage twice so I considered the PU surgery and I am wondering since he had the PU surgery will I be able to give him? I do not want him to suffer any of the UTI or crystal blockage again. Thank you. thangsong7899 asked on August 11, 2021
Hi, the remedy can be used long term for chronic issues or as a preventative remedy as it helps to clear up toxins from the kidneys to reduce infection and help the kidneys work easier. This is a natural plant based remedy and is safe to use post-surgery or with other medication. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask us or email us directly at Thank you BestLife4Pets answered on August 11, 2021 store managerstore manager
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Does my cat have to take this forever? cathy asked on August 11, 2021
The length of time that you would need to give the remedy depends on the issue your cat is having. If this is to get rid of a UTI infection that came on, then once the infection clears you can stop. If however, your cat has chronic infections, kidney stones or kidney damage then you will want to give them a small maintenance dose that can be for as long as they have the issue. BestLife4Pets answered on August 11, 2021 store managerstore manager
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How many days do you have to give it to them ? Also, repeat how often?monthly? Every couple months? My vet has no idea . Jessica S. asked on August 11, 2021
Hi Jessica, thank you for asking about our Urinary Tract Infection and Kidney Support medicine. The length of time for giving the remedy really depends on the pet and their medical history. If the problem is acute, meaning they just recently got UTI infection then give the remedy as per the prescribed dose daily until they feel better and the symptoms are gone. Then you can stop unless the problem recurrs. If the problem is chronic, meaning they have a history of UTI or bladder infections, have kidney disease or recurring renal issues then after the immediate infection gets better you will probably need to keep them on a lower maintenance dose long term in order to help prevent further infection and to support the kidneys by clearing out the toxins. If you have any other questions or want to discuss your pet's particular case, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. BestLife4Pets answered on August 11, 2021 store managerstore manager
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Are your products made in the USA lab? If not, where please? Thank you, Jaime Jaime K. asked on August 11, 2021
Thank you for asking, Jaime - the ingredients are made in Pakistan in an FDA Registered Facility and the UTI Remedy as a whole is formulated in the USA. The formula is made to human standards so it is very high quality. We are pet parents too and our customers, both the human and the four-legged ones, are very important to us which is why stand behind all our remedies with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. BestLife4Pets answered on August 11, 2021 store managerstore manager
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