Now available in Multi-packs

Pet Relax All Natural Pet Calming Formula and
Anti-Stress Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Provides Effective Anxiety and Stress Relief. Helps cope with Fear, Vet Visits, Thunder and Separation Anxiety

  • KEEP YOUR PET CALM AND RELAXED ==> This stress free medicine is all about reassuring your pets that everything is under control. Our small, leak-proof bottle is convenient to use when traveling, dropping your cat or dog off at the kennel, during long car rides, trips to the vet, or even dog park visits. Also helps to stop barking, chewing, spiteful peeing, and other aggressive behavior.

  • EASY TO USE ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ==> Don't worry about plugging in a pheromone diffuser or wrestling your pet into uncomfortable jackets or vests: simply spray this quick acting remedy onto your hands and rub it on your four-legged companion's neck and collar. Use to spray your pet's crate, bed or blanket to quiet their nervousness and aid their sleep.

  • NATURAL BOTANICAL FORMULA ==> Unlike other pet-calming solutions and treats, our safe, effective and non-addictive 100% natural anxiery relief medication does not contain any artificial ingredients. You just get a blend of soothing flower essences that will pacify even your sensitive puppy or kitty without drowsiness, vomiting or stomach upset.

  • PREVENT DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR AND RESCUE YOUR PET ==> Ever come home to a house full of chewed up toys and furniture? Our separation anxiety-relieving formula keeps your canine and feline fur baby composed and stops its stress-related urge to chomp on your stuff. Makes a great gift for your neighbor's noisy pet.

  • NO-HASSLE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ==> Your pet is our top priority, so if your calm support remedy or supplements do not satisfy your pets’ needs, just let us know and we will be happy to refund your purchase, no questions asked.

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