Our Story

It all started with a dog. 
Hi, my name is Viktoria and together with my dog Tango we founded InSimple Living and our pet brand - BestLife4Pets.


A few years ago when I went looking for a dog to add to my already happy family, I wasn't looking for Tango specifically, but the beautiful Border Collie/Shepherd/Husky mix with one bent ear had other ideas when he decided to pick us as his pet parents. 

As most of you pet parents know it is the pet that picks it's human, not the other way around; and so Tango, as he is now known, has been a part of my family ever since. Then one day when Tango was not feeling well I started looking for something natural that would make him feel better, but I had a hard time finding anything that did not contain all kinds of chemicals and additives. That's when I turned to homeopathy.

Ever since my kids’ numerous health problems, I had become interested in alternative medicine and have devoted myself to learning more about natural and homeopathic treatments that wouldn't be as harmful to my family's system as regular medicine. Having experienced the benefits of these natural remedies and treatments on my family, I started looking for the same for my dog. 


Once I found a quality product that I could trust my own family to, I decided that I could help not just my pet but also other dogs and cats the same way I helped Tango. And that is how BestLife4Pets came about.


Our Goal


The goal of BestLife4Pets is to offer high quality natural products that improve the lives of pets every day.

Our company is built on the foundation that just as we strive to use natural products and put “GOOD FOR YOU” ingredients into our own bodies to stay healthy, we owe it our pets to do the same. That is why our remedies are all natural and contain no harmful ingredients or additives.


We aim to help as many dogs and cats as possible get pain relief and feel better the natural way. 

Because pets deserve the Best!


What our customers say ...

"VERY Happy with.how fast Walk Easy Hip and Joint Supplement alleviated the Pain and Stiffness in Rocco’s Senior Body... It was an immediate help for my Lab and I’ll be ordering my second bottle! They are tiny but very potent Thanks In Simple Living (and BestLife4Pets) for making life easier at our home! Miracle it’s that great!"

"Product exactly as described, price very reasonable and shipping fast. A++."

"Literally a life saver!! Our Corgi can stand with no help and is enjoying her walks even more! Thanks again Viktoria for making this fantastic product!"

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