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Simple, Cost-Effective House Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

December 09, 2019

Keeping your house clean with pets

There’s no question that owning a dog is amazing—the companionship, loyalty, and joy they provide each day being among the best perks. However, dog ownership does come with a few inconveniences. Chief among these is the challenge of keeping your home clean. The fur, dander, saliva, and odors seem to constantly accumulate in every corner of your home—not to mention all the toys and other objects left in Fido’s wake.

Here’s the good news: you can have a dog and a clean home at the same time, and it’s really not all that difficult! It also doesn’t have to be expensive. Read on for practical, cost-effective tips for keeping a clean living environment when you have a dog.


Get the supplies you need

First of all, you need to make sure you have all the necessary cleaning supplies on hand. This includes things like pet stain remover, pet-safe detergent, lint rollers, a high-quality vacuum, pee pads, and anything else that will help you keep a clean living space.

The best approach is to stock up on supplies at your local or online Pet Supply store as they are sure to offer products that are safe for your pet. While you’re at it, you can find deals on toys, food, beds, grooming tools, and many other pet supplies - everything you could want to spoil your furry companion!


Bathe your dog

This may be the most important step in keeping a clean living space as a dog owner. After all, a dirty dog is sure to make for a dirty home. Depending on your dog’s breed and outdoor habits, Dogtime points out you should bathe him every one to two months. Any more than that and you risk stripping your pup’s coat of essential oils, which will in turn dry out his skin. Use lukewarm or cool water and a dog-friendly shampoo to thoroughly wash through your dog’s fur, dry him off well, and then reward him with a little playtime for being so good.

To stretch your pennies and also control the ingredients, you might want to DIY your dog shampoo. Dogster points out you can create a shampoo tailored to your dog’s personal needs, whether he has dry skin or needs a flea bath.


Brush your dog

Along with bathing, it’s important to brush through your dog’s fur regularly. If the fur is long or thick, try to brush him once a day. Not only will this help to minimize shedding, it will also help to keep Fido’s fur and skin nice and healthy. Furthermore, wiping down your dog with a damp towel each day can reduce the amount of loose dirt and dander circulating through your home.

It’s an inexpensive solution, since your grooming tools are a one-time investment and you can find them from convenient, budget-friendly places like PetSmart. They’ll give you a discount if you order online and pick up at the store, too.


Vacuum—a lot.

This is another important tip: vacuum like your life depends on it. In all seriousness, your dreams of a clean home do depend on it. Every one to three days, vacuum the floors, furniture, walls, and any other place where dirt, fur, and dander accumulates. If you already have a vacuum cleaner and tools that are great for picking up pet hair, you’re good to go. If not, these are items worth investing in. And you can check out manufacturers like Dirt Devil for sales, so you keep your budget in line when you buy.  

Be prepared that not all dogs will appreciate your cleaning. Some may try to rub up against carpets or furniture as soon as you clean them; they are not doing it on purpose to frustrate you, they are just re-marking their territory with their scent. While others are so scared of the noise, especially of a vacuum, that they run away and hide. If your pet is one of these, try to comfort them and make the experience less stressful by putting them in another room away from the noise, give them a distraction with their favorite toy, or soothe them using a natural pet calming spray.


With a little time and effort, you can maintain a clean home, even with your canine companion in tow. Make sure you keep cleaning supplies on hand, and bathe and brush your dog regularly. Also, regularly wash your pup’s bedding, and vacuum frequently. In no time, your dreams of a clean, dog-friendly home will be a reality!


Image via Rawpixel

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