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Housebreaking Your Puppy: Simple Solutions That Actually Work

January 20, 2020

House Training my Dog


One of the biggest issues that plague dog owners when they welcome a new puppy into their home is undoubtedly housebreaking. Our pets are an integral and joyful part of our lives but that happy experience can be easily marred by their untrained behavior (think ripped furniture and droppings all around the house). Luckily, there are two pretty simple ways out of this problem.

Try to understand how your furry friend thinks

When it comes to house training your puppy, one of the most crucial things you need to understand is their thought process. Dogs are innately clean animals. You will notice that most dogs prefer to have separate areas for eating and sleeping, and another separate area to answer nature’s call. It doesn’t matter if you are the proud parent of a large German Shepherd or an adorable Maltese, they will have their demarcated areas for different activities. By slowly studying their initial behavior when you bring them in, you will be at a better place to understand how you must proceed with the training.

Gradually expand their accessible area

Since your pet will be brought in to a completely unfamiliar environment, for the first few weeks of training, you will have to help them create a mutually acceptable area for playing, eating and sleeping. You need to make them understand that it is the clean section of the house where urinating or pooping is strictly not allowed. Begin with a crate or small enclosed area in your living room, and then you can gradually increase the area. The idea here is to create a safe space for your pet that they can associate with resting or eating. Ensure that the area is spacious so that your dog can easily move around or play. With time, you can expand the area until your dog understands that the whole house is the ‘clean section’ that they cannot turn into their bathroom.
Try these simple tips out and we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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