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The Best House-Hunting Tips For Dog Owners

October 08, 2019

Moving can be stressful under the best of circumstances. Finding the home that’s a perfect fit can be tough enough, then coordinating a move makes it that much more complex. With a dog in the mix, stress can go up yet another notch, but with some good planning, you can make the transition go smoothly for you both.


House-Hunting Criteria

If you’re feeling overwhelmed while trying to find the perfect abode for you and your canine companion, one of the best places to start is with your dog’s personality and activity level. For instance, if your dog is a couch potato, chances are you can get by with minimal space. If your dog is more of an on-the-go type, ample space to stretch his legs might be in order. A roomy interior and a walkable neighborhood can make a big difference for dogs who are active. 

Regardless of whether your dog is busy or lazy, a fenced yard is a must-have for many dog owners. It allows your pooch to get out and explore, enjoy time with the family, and safely do his “business.” You can search for a property with appropriate fencing or install it yourself if the home meets your other search criteria. One of the best options for dog owners is vinyl fencing since it is durable, private, easy to maintain, and attractive. It’s also a nice choice if you have a digger dog, and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Inside the home, flooring is a key consideration. Providing your pooch with comfortable traction, and providing you an easy-to-clean surface, can keep you both happiest. Animal Behavior College recommends looking for flooring selections like stone or tile, which can be cool and comfortable for your pooch on hot days. Concrete, laminate, or vinyl are also good choices. 


Moving Tips

Long before you find that perfect property, you should start making preparations for the move. When you begin packing, your dog will know something is up. Try to do a little at a time so he isn’t overly anxious. When moving day finally comes along, pack Fido’s personal things last, and plan to set them up first when you reach your destination. In the meantime, amp your doggy exercise sessions up to help your dog (and you!) burn off nervous energy. If your dog is showing signs of anxiety, Dogs Naturally notes that some extra attention and playtime can also help. Additionally, if your dog doesn’t have a pretty well-established routine, develop one and stick to it through the move and beyond. The structure in his days will help him feel more secure.

When moving day arrives, things can get pretty hectic. To keep your dog’s stress low and prevent him from slipping away, consider putting him in a quiet space and crating him while people come and go. If he isn’t used to a crate, you’ll need to do some training beforehand. A crate is also effective for keeping your dog safe during travel. Dogs can come to view the crate as their private sanctuary, so allow your dog to enjoy the crate, and never use it for punishment. If you don’t have a crate, now’s the time to get one (Amazon offers a great option for $65.99).

Of course, prior to moving day, you need to determine whether you’ll need to hire a moving company to help you with the process. If you decide to bring in the help of professionals, read through online reviews and comparison guides to find the company that best suits your needs. And if you can find one that has experience with pet owners, even better!

If you’re moving very far, it’s important to put thought into the mode of transportation that’s best for your furry friend. Car travel is usually best, and if your trip will require multiple days you should plan out trip legs with hotels and restaurants that are dog-friendly. Air travel can be particularly challenging, and each airline has its own rules. If you must travel by air, check regulations ahead of time and plan carefully for best results. 

Research and planning are the keys to a smooth move with your dog. Find a property that suits you both well, spend time preparing, and keep stress at bay. You and Fido will ease through these changes thanks to your loving and careful consideration!


Guest Pet Writer - Cindy Aldridge

Cindy is a freelance writer and dog lover. She started as a fun side project for herself and to educate pet owners and potential pet owners about how dogs can enrich our lives. She enjoys writing about dogs and pet ownership.



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